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Dua To Keep Someone Mouth Shut

Dua To Keep Someone Mouth Shut or to close enemies mouth can be use to make someone silent. You can use our Islamic prayer to shut someone mouth.

Your enemies would not always be happy for you seeing your success. So they will always try to pull you down and harm you. The reason behind this is because your enemy can be happy with your progress.

Every second they will try to harm you so that you do fail to grow and achieve success. Getting stuck in a hopeless situation due to enemies can be disgusting. They know what can make and break you and accordingly can attack you mentally.

Dua To Keep Someone Mouth Shut

Dua To Keep Someone Mouth Shut

If you achieve anything right, it will make them jealous and they will try to make you the victim. Success in personal life can indeed make you the sufferer. Enemies mostly try to see you losing everything, which is harmful. Whenever you win a more significant milestone, it becomes an irritation for your enemy.

It is essential to understand that your enemy will always try to make you feel lonely. They will continuously strive to disturb you until you give up on everything. Quran and Hadith have some practical solutions to all of these problems.

All you have to do is find an astrologer who will help you to guide throughout. Since your enemy will always try to build hurdles, you have to use tricky solutions.

Using the dua, it will become easy for you to face issues and to prevent them. Your enemies will never show their real face and would not even come out in front. But, they ill always try to intensify the problems so that the problems keep on disturbing you.

Dua To Close Enemies Mouth

Dua To Close Enemies Mouth, It is essential to remember that enemies will never try to do good for you. They always have the motive of destroying you now and then. At times, you might develop the fear of facing your enemy and stand against them.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately 100% Effects

But, it is necessary to take steps against them so that they do not cause any harm. Insulting and discouraging continuously, you might end up losing self-confidence. If you feel that your enemy’s actions are affecting you, you must take steps to stop them.

Endless mental torture from your enemy will never let you stay in peace. Gradually the words will start affecting you and finally, you will lose all of the self-confidence. Using the dua, you will be able to keep your enemies mouth shut, which will bring you mental peace.

You will be able to keep your enemies tone down whenever they try to bring harm to you. Gradually, you will notice that your enemies are stopping the use of malicious speech.

For practicing the dua, you must consult an expert astrologer who will help you throughout. After discussing, they will give the right dua that is very effective in solving your problems. He will suggest the best dua that will instantly solve your problems.

He will take reference from the Quran and Hadith and provide you with solutions. Make sure to follow all the instructions given by the astrologer while reciting the dua. You will be able to fight against the enemy in a Rohani way.

Dua To Make Someone Silent

Dua To Make Someone Silent, Enmity is not as simple as taking action; at times, it also acts through words. At times, the terms of the enemy can discourage you from the extreme. Your enemies can demotivate you thus stopping you from reaching your goals.

They try their level best so that you miserably fail and never achieve your targets. Continuously failing in your attempts because of your enemies can break your confidence.

These enemies are someone who stays around you and always tries to bring you down. He or she will go to all limits to throw you into a hopeless situation and watch you suffer. The growth of your personal life can also be the reason for your enemy to think wrong for you.

It is essential to understand that your enemies are aware of your weaknesses or strength. This can make you vulnerable to threats and your enemies can misuse those weaknesses.

With the help of the dua, you can easily make your enemies silent so that they do not try to harm you. Once you make them calm, you would not have to do worry about them speaking against you.

These are extremely useful and effective if done incorrectly. You have to recite this dua many times and pray to Allah. He will give you courage and strength so that you can fight with your enemy. Also, it will help you to make your enemy’s mouth silent.

‘Kaa La Ra Julani Mina ILazeena Ya Kha Funa An Amal Lahu Alaihimad Khulu Alaihimul Babo. Falza Da Khal Tu Mu Hu. Fa Inna Kum Galiboon. WaA’ala Ilahu Fata Wak Kalu Inkun tum Mu’mineen.’

Islamic Prayer To Shut Someone Mouth

Islamic Prayer To Shut Someone Mouth, At times, it becomes challenging to deal with the problems which your enemies cause you. If you are strong enough, then it would not be that tough to deal with your enemy.

But if you are not that mentally strong then, it might cause you to fall weak and become the victim. It is essential to keep in mind that your success will bring jealousy to your enemy. Still, you have to be strong enough to deal with the potential threats and risks which your enemy causes.

They will always try to put up obstacles in your way so that you fail to grow. But make sure that you fight back the problems with courage. This will control the tongue of the person who wants to cause harm to you. For this, you will have to have patience so that you can handle the problems carefully.

You might be not aware, but your enemy does know about all the plans and steps. Accordingly, they plan to destroy them so that you feel helpless. Your enemies are present around you but they never let you know about their presence.

So, you have to be careful about every step and plan. With the help of dua, you can control your enemy’s tongue or anyone who brings harm to you.

But make sure that you are taking advice from an expert astrologer who will guide you throughout. They will seek help from the Quran and give you the best dua which are useful. Practicing the dua will eventually control someone’s tongue.

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