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Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers or to separate husband and wife can be use for separation between two friends, Solve your queries like how to separate two lovers spiritually?

Which Wazifa Use To Separate Two Lovers?

Islamic astrological solutions give you a chance to break the love between two people. Many people need to do this to save their marriage, social Prestige, and relationship. Yes, it is a tough thing to do. But, it becomes the last resort to save your relationship sometimes.

Who all need to perform this ritual? Let us tell you:

  • People whose spouses are involved in an extra-marital relationship with someone
  • Lovers, whose partners get involved with someone else
  • When two people from the same family enter in an indecent relationship

Hence, we need a perfect solution to end up such obscene relationships.

“عالم تارا کیفہ الا ربوکا بائ اشعبل احساس ، عالم یاج الکئی دحوم فیس تا لیل ، ایم وا ارسالہ الہیہم طیران ابابیل ، تر میہیم دو ہا جیرتیم من سیج جیل ، فجا الاہم کا اسفیم ایم اخول”

“Alam tara kaifa ala rabbuka bi ashaabil feel, Alam yaj al kai dahum fee tad leel, m Wa arsala alaihim tairan abaabeel, Tar meehim bi hi jarratim min sij jeel, Faja alahum ka asfim m akool”

Read this wazifa to end up any illegal relationship and get results. This is the most powerful wazifa to break any relationship and create decency.

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers

This wazifa works secretly on the couple, and no one knows about it. The two people will face conflicts in the relationship and decide to part ways. Finally, they will not be together and leave each other.

How To Separate Two Lovers Spiritually?

Durood: Allahu Rabbu Muhammedan Salla Alaihi Wasallama Nahanu Ibadu Muhammedin Salla Alaihi Wasallama

دوری:اu اللuٰہ محمدان نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم

نہانو عبادو محمدین صل آلا اللہ علیہ وسلام

How To Separate Two Lovers Spiritually, Perform this Muslim Spell and break appropriate or unfair relationships. Use this to break up a couple spiritually from a distance and end their relationship.

  • Make two mannequins out of cloth
  • Try to use dark color clothes for this, preferably, black
  • Do this on Nauchandi Jumarat (Shukla Paksha – First Thursday) at 12 o’clock in the night
  • Wear clean clothes as you sit to perform the ritual
  • Keep both the puppets in front of you and write names of the couple one by one on each of the dolls
  • Burn a mustard lamp oil in front
  • Visualize the effigies to fight with each other rigorously and finally give up on one another
  • Make sure to collide the dolls with each other
  • Read Yaa Jabbaar Ya Jalaal during this time
  • Keep the effigies at a secured place and make sure that these should not face each other
  • Do this activity for 11 days continuously
  • Bury the two effigies separately in the ground after 11 days
  • Remember; do not bury them together or even near to one another.
  • Order the effigies that from now you are getting separate forever
  • Return to your home without looking back at the effigies
  • Read the above mentioned Duroor before starting and ending the ritual

Which Wazifa Use To Separate Husband And Wife?

Wazifa To Separate Husband And Wife, Do you want to get back your ex-lover who is now married to someone else? Yes, you can do that by reading the wazifa to separate the husband and the wife.

This is a popular procedure followed by many people since they want to restore their social Prestige. Of course, people go through a social embarrassment when their family members enter into an illegal marital relationship. For the same reason, many parents and family members perform this procedure and break the illegitimate marriage.

Importantly, lovers can also do this to get back their lost love. Your lover will come back to you after breaking the marriage and be with you forever.

گودھمہ الیف ہم آپ کو بنائیں گے

Allahhumma Allif Baiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatii ilannoor

Without a doubt, try this wazifa if your friend, siblings, or any of your family members or relatives are in a haram or illegal relationship. You must restore cleanliness in a relationship and tell them about the filth of that relationship.

  • Do this ritual after the prayer of fajr
  • Firstly, recite Durood e, Shareef, for 11 times with complete concentration
  • Then, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times
  • After that, visualize the couple to part ways as you read the verses
  • Next, send your message to Allah and request his divine intervention

Which Wazifa Use For Separation Between Two Friends?

Wazifa For Separation Between Two Friends, Expressly, Islam does not accept haram or illegal relationships. Unquestionably, Allah always restricts his children to enter in indecent relationships. Sometimes, two great friends may team up to troll others and let people down.

Hence, you have to deal gently with them and keep them away from your life.  Read this wazifa if you want to break their bond and create peace in your life.

ٹیب بٹ یاڈا ابی لہابینو و ٹیب

ما اگنا’ انھو مالہو و ما قصاب

س یس لا لا ناران زہت لہ

وام را اتھو ھمما لٹل حطاب

فیس جیدیہ حب لم لم مساد

Tab bat yadaa abee Lahabinw-wa tabb

Maa aghna ‘anhu maaluhu wa ma kasab

Sa yas laa naran zaata lahab

Wam ra-atuhu hamma latal-hatab

Fee jeediha hab lum mim-masad

Try this wazifa only to break the bond of bullies and illegal partners. Importantly, please do not attempt to try this on genuine lovers, married couples or partners.

Also, be responsible while deciding on this and perform the wazifa with faith and faith. Remember, you have to take this responsibility and live with it for the rest of your life. Hence, we advise you to be a lot more considerable while choosing this.

Apart from this, several people enter into wrong relationships and disturb other lives. So, you should volunteer to end this kind of relationship and restore peace in people’s life.

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Powerful Wazifa To Break Relationship

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