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Wazifa For Abusive Husband
Wazifa For Abusive Husband

Wazifa For Abusive Husband

Wazifa For Abusive Husband or for controlling cruel husband can be use to get rid of bad husband. Use our wazifa for short tempered husband to solve all husband related problems.

Which Wazifa Use For Abusive Husband?

When a new bride marries and thinks of starting her life with her husband, then all she wants is a lot of love and care. Hence, if it turns out that the husband is abusive and treats her with disrespect, beating her and saying vile things to her, then it is perfectly alright if the woman practices a wazifa to get rid of her abusive husband or to make him mend his ways. Wazifa for an abusive husband is a good remedy in this regard.

Wazifa For Abusive Husband
Wazifa For Abusive Husband

Most of the time, the husband turns abusive because he has uncontrollable rage.  This rage and anger have to be controlled if there is to be peace in the house. You can practice this wazifa to control his abuses.

  • First, perform ablution with care.
  • Make sure the time is between twilight and midnight on a Sunday
  • Read a verse from the Quran for seven times which is as follows:

Allahumma tahisa Alayya absaara zaalimatihee wal murideena bissowa an tasrif Quloobahum an sharri maa yad mirunahoo inni khairi laa yamlakhaa gairika

  • Then, blow your breath of fresh roses
  • Next, place the flowers beside your husband’s pillow
  • The next day, place the flowers outside the house on clean soil
  • Do this for three consecutive Sundays, and your husband will stop being abusive and will not be so angry all the time.

There is another prayer as well to control your husband’s bad temper.

  • Make this Dua every day for as many times as possible:

Yaanarukooni bardaun wasallaman alla Ibrahim

  • Read this every day along with your five times daily namaz, and your husband will start loving you.

Which Wazifa Use For Controlling Cruel Husband?

Wazifa For Controlling Cruel Husband, If your husband is cruel and keeps you away from your rights, then you can perform a wazifa to control him and put an end to his cruelty.

  • At first, perform fresh ablution or Wuzu
  • Then, recite the Tahajjud Namaz
  • After that, repeat 2 Rakat Namaz of Nafil and lay down in supplication to Allah to perform Sajda.
  • Plead with Allah to put a stop to your husband’s cruelty and to make him love you.
  • While making the Dua, think about your husband all the time. Do not think of him with hate.
  • Then, pray the Durood Ibrahim for 1000 times

Do this for as long as required, but slowly and surely, you will notice a change in your husband’s behavior, and he will become more attentive towards you.

There is another prayer to control your husband’s ill-temper and stop his cruelty.

  • You have to start this wazifa on a Sunday
  • Read the Maghrib Namaz and the Isha Namaz with care
  • Then make the following Dua for seven times:

Allah Humma Tahisa Alaiya Absara Zali matihi Wal Murideena  Bis Sui Wa An Tasrif Kulu Buhum An Sharri Ma  Yazmiruna hu Ila Khairi La Yam Likuhu Gairak”

  • While making the Dua, keep some fresh flowers in front of you and, after reading the Dua, blow on them.
  • Do this for three consecutive nights.

You should also take permission from a Maulvi before doing this wazifa and make sure there are no mal-intentions from your side.

Which Wazifa Use To Get Rid of A Bad Husband?

Wazifa To Get Rid of A Bad Husband, No wife needs a bad husband. It is alright if her husband cannot give her material comforts and riches, but a good wide only seeks her husband’s love and care.

If the man cannot respect his wife and give her the love and respect she deserves, then the wife can get rid of him or perform a wazifa to mend his ways. Here are some methods:

  • First, make Wuzu or ablution
  • Then, perform the Isha Namaz with devotion and make a powerful Dua to get rid of your misery in the hands of your husband
  • Next, recite the Durood Shareef 5 times
  • Then repeat the following Dua 99 times:

Aoozubillahi –Minash Shaitan –Ir-Rajeem, Bismillah-ir– Rahmaan-ir– Raheem.

  • Finally, again recite the Durood Shareef for five consecutive times
  • Then, blow in a glass of water and make sure your husband drinks the full glass

Perform this wazifa for seven days without fail, and you are sure to notice a change in him, or he will go from your life. Another wazifa can also be very effective in this regard:

  • First, recite the Ya Lateefu for 786 times precisely
  • While doing so, place some jasmine oil in front of you,
  • After you are done reading, blow into the oil
  • Then pray to Allah mend your husband’s ways
  • Finally, apply this oil on your husband’s head for three consecutive nights

Your husband will be a changed person soon after, or he will go from your life, and you will get the peace you deserve.

Which Wazifa Use For Short Tempered Husband?

Wazifa For Short Tempered Husband, If your husband is a slave of his bad temper and he takes out his anger on your for no good reason, then you can perform a wazifa to control his bad temper.

At first, perform ablution and wear fresh garments

  • Next, read the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then, read Chapter 16, Ayat 39 from the Holy Quran
  • Repeat the Ayat for 500 times consecutively
  • Then, blow on your husband

Do this for seven days consecutively, and your husband will be a changed man. Another wazifa is also proven to be effective in this regard, which will make your husband give up all his bad behavior and will mellow him.

  • At first, read the Durood-e- Taj Sharif three times
  • After that, make a Dua to Allah pleading him to show your husband the right path and the right way of life
  • After that, read the Waahdiya kailarabbika fatakh Sha.
  • Do this regularly for a few days, and you are sure to see the best results.

While performing these wazifa, make sure you perform them with a clean heart and with the best of intentions. Do not perform them out of malice for your husband.

By doing wazifa for abusive husband and the other related wazifa, you will be blessed with a happy life, and your husband will give you all the love and attention that is rightfully yours.

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