Ya Wadoodo Ka Amal For Love 5/5 (19)

Ya Wadoodo Ka Amal For Love

Amal For Love, At times I wonder how many of us have actually seen love, touch or acknowledge it. But, certainly we all have felt it in some ways. Love has many forms like love of a mother for her child, love between siblings and love between spouses and also there is love which has not yet reached its destination.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Amal For Love

Ya Wadoodo Ka Amal For Love

love demands to be felt and at times it is important that it is reciprocated, the person who you love, should be able to love you back with the same intensity. That is how relations are made and bonds are threaded.

Islamic amal for love

But, is it always go the way you want it to go? I afraid not. The person we love or tend to love the most, doesn’t always love us back or with the same intensity. Either they are not aware of the fact that you are in love with them or it is simply not there in their hearts.

On the other hand, Allah Oh dear believers is filled with love and is capable of making any heart turn to you and pour it with immense love for you. There is one thing we shall always keep in mind that Allah is the serene one and he will never support you in your illegitimate or wrong actions.

These days it has become common that even your strongest of relations are on the verge of breaking away, be it with your parents, close relations or your partner. Allah the Almighty is the one who can mend the broken relations.

Most powerful amal for love

So, if you want to fill someone’s heart with love, Allah will certainly help you with that the only condition here is to keep your heart clean and your intentions noble. Allah will never support you in the wrong and if you want to force someone into a marriage or a love relation with you, then this will not happening let me tell you this strait away. But, if your heart is right, then with the help of sincere dua and the amal of “Ya Wadoodo” you can have your way and get the person turn to you with all the love and respect.

There are many names of Allah and “Ya Wadood” is one of them, the meaning of “Ya Wadood” is the loving one and indeed Allah loves us all more than we can expect or think of. It is said that he loves us more than the seventy mothers and now imagine can you weigh the love of one mother or your mother for the matter of fact, then how could you even think of imagining the extent of Allah’s love for you.

Qurani amal for love

There are many benefits if you recite this name of Allah continuously. Majorly it is used as the Wazifa for love but there are many other benefits in it. It is said that if a man in the month of Ramadan and when he is in ihtikaf recite Ya wadoodo for 51000 times for 11 days then Allah will surely be the most kind to him. And if he along with that if he present Allah’s sweetest name again and recite it for 11000 times then Allah will bestow that person with all the gifts of the world.

Usually the amal of ya wadoodo is done to bring love between husband and wife. There are many cases where even after getting in the contract of the marriage, husband and wife fail to feel love towards each other. May be they are forced into the marriage or their respective partners are not the one they expect them to be.

In arrange marriages it happens all the time and if this is the case with you then have a little bit of patience as Allah will certainly solve this problem of yours. There is no need to be hard on yourself or on your spouse, resort to the way of Allah and he will inshallah answer your call.


If you want that your partner will respect and regard you and always come to you with all the love in this world,then:

  • For 11 day recite Ya wadoodo for 12500 times and on the 11th day which is the last day of the procedure, blow it in the glass of water and make your partner drink it. This will inshallah work in the best of your interest and will eliminate all the troubles from your married life.


In case you are attracted toward someone and you really want to make that person fall in love with you then you can recite Ya Wadoodo for 12500 times for 40 days and then on and off for three days, this will show your desperation to Allah and he will instil the love in the heart of that person for you, but keep one thing clear in your mind that if your intentions are not right and you are thinking of something more than the legitimate love then no matter what you do or how much you try, this is not happening and you will never get your evil actions done.

The amal of Ya Wadoodo can also help you if you have rough relations with your relative and if you want to bent their heart and fill it with love then recite Ya Wadoodo for 3125 times for 40 days in continuity and then do a genuine dua to Allah so that he can soften your relatives heart toward you and your family.

There are many other benefits of this name of Allah and it can even make a wild animal obedient to you, such is its power. The common strategy to the amal of ya wadoodo is that for 40 days you should recite it for 5120 times and then reapeat it twice, then any of your wish will be granted related to the affection. May Allah grant all your real and truthful desires. Ameen.

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