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How To Perform Istikhara For Divorce?

How To Perform Istikhara For Divorce or for marriage separation is a type of prayer for marriage life decisions. Use our online istikhara for getting divorce.

Istikhara Dua For Divorce

Love is a must to stay thing every relationship. But, for the relationship between husband& wife, I.e., marriage, it acts as a foundation. Conjugal life can’t go smoothly if there is no love.

Initially, after marriage, everything seems fine in any relationship. The couple lost themselves into each other so much that they can’t see anything negative. Life is like a bliss then.

But, life hits hard sometimes. And you have to accept that. It is really painful when you realize the mansion of the dream which you have built has a weak base. The person who once was the centre of your life changes his behaviour drastically.

How To Perform Istikhara For Divorce

How To Perform Istikhara For Divorce

Life has become like a caged bird where there are enough facilities to live, but the charm has disappeared. It is the time when you are in a dilemma. You can’t figure out what to do.

However, you can perform istikhara when you have no option left. Divorce is considered as the last option you have. Therefore, if the situation becomes unbearable, you can follow the following steps to perform Istikhara.

After Fajir namaj, make fresh ablution. Then, again start your prayers & recite Sura Fatiha. After that, recite Sura Al kafirun. Then again recite Sura Fatiha & Sura al Ikhlas. Then, recite the Ishtikhara Supplication.

Finally, believe in Allah & believe that what he does, is all for the good of us. Keep calm and have a little patience. He will guide you out of this misery soon.

Which Istikhara Use For Marriage Separation?

Istikhara For Marriage Separation, Marriage life is a critical one. Because here you have to stay or do anything and everything in resonance with another person. In this life, mutual understanding plays a crucial role. If the understanding between the couple is good, then everything will run smoothly. But, if it lacks, then it can put a question mark on your relationship.

However, arguments happen; misunderstanding happens in every relationship. But that does not mean that you have to end your relationship. Mistake happens, and you should accept it and proceed in life.

But, there are some activities from our spouse that arises the big question. Is it worth to stay with this person? Does this relation has any meaning at all? Is it worthwhile? These question puts you in an absolute dilemma while your conscience stops working.

In this case, istikhara can help you. Do you want to know the way to get out of this situation? Do you want to get some ray of light in this darkness? Then, nothing is better than an Islamic istikhara for you.

You need to pray two rakat of namaj. On first, you need to recite Sura Al Kafirun. And in the second one, recite Sura Al Ikhlas. Then recite the Istikhara prayer. You should keep your spouse’s face in mind at the time of the prayer.

After completion, you need to go straight to bed without talking to anyone and sleep. Allah will show the path in your dream. You will get to know whether the decision you are going to take is right or wrong.

Which Istikhara Prayer Use For Marriage Life Decisions?

Istikhara Prayer For Marriage Life Decisions, Two adult person gets engaged in a relationship in the case of a marriage. Every person has their own will and wish. Everyone wants to live their life in their way. But, when someone others life gets attached to ours, we need to compromise somehow. This is where the problem starts.

However, the difference in point of view may occur, but this may lead to arguments. Then you have to be careful. It may be the start of decay.

Sometimes, arguments become so hard to handle, that you may think of breaking up and move away from the relationship. But that should be the last option. When it becomes almost impossible to be in a relationship, only then can we think about taking this kind of steps.

But for everyday household decisions, where you can’t get any idea about what to do, you can follow the Islamic istikhara. This will guide you to make a decision.

Recite two rakat namaz. The first one is Sura Al Kafirun, and next recite Sura Al Ikhlas. After that, recite the following dua.

Allahuma inni astakhirukaa bilmika wa astakdirooka bikudratika wa asalaka min falika al aazlm fa inaka taqdeeru wala akdiru wa talamu wala alamu wa anta alamu l-ghuyub, alahumma in kunta talamu anna hadha lamra shar-run li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa’akibati amri fasrifhu anni wasrifni anhu waqdir li al-khaira haithoo kana thuma ardini bihi

This process may seem long & tedious. But you will get a result about what to do & whatnot.

Online Istikhara For Getting Divorce

Online Istikhara For Getting Divorce, Marriages are mostly based upon two factors, love & care. The basics of a happy married life is based upon these two factors. If anything of these two goes missing, the relationship will collapse like a house of cards.

Nowadays, often we see people give divorce to each other and then regrets. This is because of impulsive decisions. It doesn’t do well for us. Islam is very strict about remarriage after divorce to your old spouse.

Therefore you have to be very careful before making such a decision in your life. However, if there is domestic violence in your life, marital dissatisfaction, or a physical or mental torture on you, then you can opt for a divorce. Then it leaves you no choice.

Divorce not ruins your life, but it lefts and impact on your children and your respective families too. So, if you’re in confusion about it, take refuge to Allah. You can follow the istikhara for divorce.

Sit in a quiet place. Recite two rakat nafil salatul Istekhara for divorce. After that, praise Allah. Then recite Istekhara dua for divorce.

Faija Balagna Aja Lahuna faAm Aikuhuna Bi ma’rufin AuFariku hunna Bi ma’rufin waash hiduza waaladin Minkum Waakimush Shahadata Lillahi Dhalikum Yu’ajubihi kanaYu’min Billahi Wal’Yaumil AkhiriWaman Yattakillahoo Allahu Mukhajan.

Hopefully, you’ll get your sign soon.

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