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Dua To Stop Husband Cheating

Dua To Stop Husband Cheating, Honesty is the first brick we put in any relationship. Our partner in our marriage is the sole companion. It is the union made in heaven. This is not a filmy dialogue. Allah has already written to him or her in our lives. But, we always deviate from his path. We make it so easy for the satan to brainwash us.

We run towards the wrong like the blind bull. As if Satan is riding us himself on the path of sin. Allah has given us the power to differentiate the right from the wrong. We live in society, where the man is considered above the woman. He has the liberty to choose his actions. To do what he wants and no one can hold him accountable.

Dua To Stop Husband Cheating

Dua To Stop Husband Cheating

A woman’s smallest of mistakes are easily pointed at. There are many people to judge her and to shame her. There are many people to straighten her wrong turns. At the same time if a man loses the right track. There is no one to object him. He can shamelessly go on with his actions.

Even if it is all about cheating on his own wife. In Islam cheating spouses who are committing the biggest sin are the lowliest. Such acts are duly prohibited in Islam. But, when we are truly devoted to this bad. We do all the things we shouldn’t. As a man. You think you are the supreme. But, this is not true with Allah. To him both man and woman are equal.

Islamic dua for cheating husband

He is just and so does his ways. He can never allow a man to do injustice with the woman. When a man cheats on his wife. He cheats many people. His own wife and the kids. His own family. And, the woman he is illegitimately involved with. Nobody can stay happy by committing a crime towards another. Yes, cheating on one another is no less than a crime.

This is the main reason usually why a marriage falls apart. A wife who so dedicatedly, runs after her husband and kids. Sacrifices her desires and happiness for her family. In a way she totally forgets herself. And, now you think what will happen to her when she finds out that her husband is cheating. The man who she made her life is not worth it. Who has so easily replaced her with another woman?

On her, the hell will break loose. Her whole world will shatter in no time. Our society sees the left out woman, first with sympathy. Then made her existence a living nightmare. Especially, when there is no way back to her parents. When the doors to her own home are closed. When there is no one to accept her back.

Dua for unfaithful husband

I think Allah has made the woman the strongest. She has a lot of power which allows her to forgive. Even after knowing the ugly reality of her husband. She readily accepts him back in her life. Forgives his mistake, no matter what he has done for her kids. For their future and their wellbeing.

No foolish man will ever break his family after another woman. But some do. Maybe Allah teaches them a lesson this way. Show them their true face. Since the times have changed, not every woman would like to suffer. If she has given you so much then in return, she would also like something back.

Girls today are not that miserable as they were before. They can now deal with their lives in a better way now. if you are cheating on her, she can simply walk out on you. And why shouldn’t she, I wonder?

This message goes to all the woman out there who are suffering silently. If your husband is cheating on you. Then you have many options in front of you. Compromise is not the only way. You have a voice and it is the high time that you should learn to raise it. If he is cheating on you then go and confront him.

If you show him your tears, then he will make you cry more. Look for the reasons why he has turned to the other woman. At times, he looks for things outside which he doesn’t get in his own house. Were you not making him happy in all the possible ways? Were you nagging him for unnecessary reasons? Was he not happy?

Dua to find out if husband is cheating

It is the right time when you should answer these questions. Two people stay together only when they want to. When they get what they want from each other. Then ask yourself if you are failing to give him what he exactly wants. Is it the very reason he is having the affair? Sometimes you can make those changes which can make your life better.

If your husband is unfair with you and cheating on you. And, you still want to spend your life with him. Want to give him a second chance. Above all wants to stop him from committing the sin. Then you can read the following verse mentioned in the Quran. And, inshallah Allah will soon deliver you from this problem.

To deal with such a problem, you can recite Surah Al-Mayidah for 49 times. You can recite this at any time in the day along with the Durood Shareef. You can also do the Wazifa of the same by reciting it for the 1001 times and do imagine your husbands face when you recite it.

Inshallah Allah will pull him on the right time. He will instill the love for you in your husband’s heart. Will surely punish him for his sins. Hold on. This is just a phase and everything will soon be fine. You just have to be strong as you have always been. Allah will never do the injustice with you. May the almighty listens to you soon. And put you through this difficult time. Ameen.

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