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Wazifa to Settle Abroad with husband family

Often Settle Abroad with husband family – the country you are born may not always offer you best growth opportunities. Especially, if there are not enough avenues in your country to enable you to use your skills. and talents and prosper in life. It is in such a scenario, one decides to move to a foreign land. Be it education, work, business or security, the decision to leave a country. settle in a foreign land is never easy. But you can make it easy by using the wazifa to settle abroad.

If you are a student and are seeking a student visa, you will have to strive hard. perhaps even take up a day job to survive in a foreign country. Along with your studies and part-time work, you will have to adapt to a new country. its laws in order to be accepted as its citizen. To smoothen your transition in this foreign country, use the wazifa to settle abroad.

Wazifa to Settle Abroad

Wazifa to Settle Abroad

Now, If you are a working professional who has managed to secure a job abroad and now wish to settle down. there are a lot of rules and regulations that you need to follow. Getting Citizenship is never easy in any country. On top of it, if you wish to bring your family along, then the challenges multiply. To pass through the country’s scrutiny and get the citizenship. you will have to remain patient and follow the country’s code of conduct for years. To make this phase easier and rise above it to get the citizenship you can use the wazifa to settle abroad.

Wazifa to live with husband

Many of us wish to set up a business in a foreign land. Businesses already come with their share of challenges. And to do it in a foreign country is even more complicated. The laws of the country and conducting business must be strictly adhered to by every foreign businessman in order for the country to grant him with proper permissions. Plus, there’s heavy investment required to acquire land and set up business in a foreign country. All these hurdles can be overcome when you use the wazifa to settle abroad.


With the rise in migration population, several countries have made this process very strict and sometimes impossible for one to get through. Visa’s never come easily and even if it comes, one has to return to his home country every now . then and reapply till the foreign country grants citizenship. This is such an ordeal that many of us, give up on their dreams of settling abroad. return to their home country. By using the wazifa to settle abroad you can overcome every kind of challenges and fulfill your dream.



In order to perform this ritual, you must first qualify on the following parameters. :-

  1. Now you must remain neat and clean physically.
  2. Must mentally and emotionally refrain from ill thoughts and actions.
  3. Take must refrain from any vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, and pork.
  4. Need you must recite the Quran at least once daily.
  5.  Lastly, you must be doing all five obligatory prayers of the day.


The wazifa to settle abroad ritual is as follows and must be performed for 40 days. :-

  1. Begin with reciting Darood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  2. Then Chant the following dua 100 times consequently. –

“ya mufettihal ebvab iftah lena hayral bab”

  1. Again, recite Darood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  2. Additionally, you must recite the following wazifa to settle abroad every morning and evening at the time of namaz.

yaaseen auall kuquranuul shakeem innaa calaameenaal mursaaleen allahsara teem mustaakeem taanzilaalaa. jeejeer raheem le tunze raaquau mmaawooun zeraaavaoow hmm phahummngaa. phelunle aqaadhaak qualcaulualah aksaare. heem phahoom laa uu me nuun eenna maatunze roomaneeta ma jeeqra ouwa. chhasee yaar raahmano eenna calamenaal mursanalin allah sera tum mustaqeem.

  1. Finally, ask Allah with utmost sincerity that you want to rebuild your life in a foreign country, and you seek his blessings for the same.

Islamic prayer to settle abroad

Rebuilding your career in a foreign land and ensuring life for your family is not easy. There are many challenges on this path which you can overcome by using the wazifa to settle abroad. With so many individuals aspiring to move abroad, the competition for any job or business is high. leaving not much scope for anyone to secure an income source. And without an income source, there is no scope of settling down in a foreign country.

So, if you want to ensure that you have performed the wazifa to settle abroad. right and will get the desired results, you can do so by consulting an Islamic Astrologer. The Astrologers who are devout religious individuals. refrain from all vices and remain on the path of Allah. this makes them a worthy candidate to ask for Allah’s blessings. Also, given their extensive knowledge of Quranic Verses. they know exactly how to approach Allah and use the wazifa to settle abroad. An Astrologer may even suggest you wear an energized Taveez, which will also yield the desired results.

However, no matter which country you go to settle down. you must forever do your obligatory prayers and express your gratitude to Allah. For all the bounties of life, you and your family members will enjoy comes from Allah.


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