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Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone, We all have our own weaknesses and we all tend to lose heart to someone. Infatuation is a cunning thing that happens to all of us and we tend to experience that strong moment of attraction.

But, what if that attraction is more than a mere infatuation and you have truly lost your heart to someone. According to me love is a mysterious experience, the moment someone get into it he or she in a way enters into a trap.

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Your whole life takes a 360-degree turn, you spend hours thinking about that person, think of ways to meet him or her, talk to them and even, just to see them.

Such things come with many terms and conditions applied and it doesn’t necessarily mean that what you are feeling and thinking for a person, he or she are thinking the same way.

Many a times, in such cases that person is not even aware of your existence and here you are already imagining your life with them. No wonder, love do make people go crazy.

ya wadoodo to attract husband

If you can relate to what I am saying and this is somewhat a part of your story, then I think the solutions given here would help you out or at least help you find a one way which you can hold on to.

Liking someone, losing your heart to them is no crime. We are humans and all these things are as natural as they are supposed to be and it happens to all of us.

There is nothing to feel guilty about firstly, all you have to keep in mind is that what you do should be legitimate and should not cross any limit. At times patience is all you need to have. Learn to wait and inshallah you will be rewarded in best of ways.

Allah is ware of everything. What you want, what is your deepest desire, who do you like or hate, what you have done in the past and how you are going to act in the future.

Nothing is hidden from him and indeed there is no need to hide anything from him. If you genuinely want that person in your life and your intentions are clean, then inshallah if that is in your truest of interest, it will happen.

Ya Wadoodo To Attract wife

Allah the almighty is the most merciful being, he loves all of us, each an every being on this planet beyond a doubt. And, he does take our likes and dislike into consideration. The issue here is the person you are totally mesmerized with should also love you back, notice you and show interest in you.

And if you are a silent and shy admirer and a lover and you want a little bit of Allah’s help, then I don’t think that there is any harm in that. And a genuine dua of yours will act as a facilitator. We already ask Allah for a lot of things, nag and fight him for the things we don’t have.

If your love is true and sacred and above all you are a humble lover and legitimately want your lover by your side. Don’t use this serene tool to force someone to love you back or have them in your life.

Your efforts will totally go into waste and Allah will get angry with you and no matter how much you try, do whatever you can it will never happen.

Right is much more powerful than the wrong and at the end truth alone wins. So before going forward have your heart clean and your actions in the right direction.


YA WADOOD is one of Allah’s name and it means “The most Loving”. And, Allah is wadood in the sense that he is the most loving and is capable of instilling love in anybody’s heartand can melt even a stone from the power of love.

Love is an art and not everybody is capable of it, those who are loving and caring are the ones dearest to Allah. Love makes a person humble and centre of attraction to everyone.

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Reciting his name “Ya Wadood” has many benefits and if you call out Allah with this name of his, he will immensely shower his blessing on you.

Procedure to recite ya wadoodo to attract someone to yourself:

If you need to pull someone toward yourself, then have your heart and mind clean from all the evil. It is important to keep your intentions clean. You should not try to force someone into your life or go for illegitimate means. But, if you are true in this sacred quest of your life then I wish Allah may facilitate your actions.

  • After any of your namaz recite “Ya Waoodo” for 12500 times and repeat this procedure for 40 days.
  • When you are done have a break of three days and then begin it again, do this on and off and inshallah Allah will listen to your call soon and will do that what is good for you and your loved one.
Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

You can recite this name of Allah as many a times as you like. It is Allah’s beloved name and is of no harm. Most importantly be regular in your namaz, make your connection with Allah stronger than ever, make him your best friend as he is and the only one to have your back.

Meanwhile, be a little patient and in your desperation don’t end up doing anything which can kill your chances. One way here is, you directly approach the person and read your heart out to him or her.

In that way, you can have the clear air between you too and you will also get to know what is there in the heart and mind of the person with whom you are in desperately love with.

Just do what you can while Allah will certainly do what you can’t. May he grant this wish of yours sooner. Ameen.

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