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Dua For Good Matrimonial Relationship

Dua For Good Matrimonial Relationship, A relationship without love and respect is like a desert. A relationship is meant to be beautiful and strong enough to hold the two people together. When you marry each other, you are destined to live together for the rest of your lives. An altogether new world is created between the people.

But, the sun doesn’t always shine on this newly formed. As time goes by, tension begins. The spouses by the time grow closer. And, as time really passes, they fight too. you may find me insane if I say, fighting is essential too. It makes you realize the real value of each other.

Dua For Good Matrimonial Relationship

Dua For Good Matrimonial Relationship

When you spend too much time with each other, you tend to lose value. Any relationship, be it a matrimonial has to be balanced. More than the love what matters the most is understanding. If you do not understand each other then, how will you go a long way? Your understanding of your partner will help you in many ways.

You will know what your partner really wants. In this way, you both will learn to give the required space to your relationship. Every relation has a boundary. I am not wrong on this as some time all you need to respect those boundaries. The roots of your relationship are in your love for one another. You are those people who have to live together for the rest of your lives.

Matrimonial relationship dua

Now, you are family. Soon it will expand and you will have kids. You are lucky that you have a spouse and a family. This is the golden opportunity bestowed upon you by Allah. Not everybody gets the chance of it, even if they want to. So you should take the very good care of this blessing of Allah.

Don’t take each other for granted. If you will not take care of one another then who will? Maybe your relationship at the moment is undergoing a test. This happens to everyone, so be patient. This is life and you have to put in constant efforts to better your matrimonial relation.

For the good matrimonial relationship, both husband and wife have to work towards each other. Your marriage is like a two-wheeled vehicle. You cannot complete this journey on one tire. It is your constant effort which is valuable. You both should strive hard to make your married life a better one.

When you marry someone, you promise them a happy life. A future which is full of love, care, and happy living. Which is mentally satisfying and which is assuring too. No matter what comes, you both should stand together facing it. Life is challenging, it has always been. Marriage is like a contract which you both have signed. And when your relationship goes through the test all we do is to walk away.

Dua for relationship problems

If you really want to know the real secret of the good matrimonial relationship. Then there is none. Marriage makes you a collective whole. When the bad times come you both should be standing together. Put in efforts to make your partner happy. Now, they are your responsibility.

Once you are married, you should know everything about your partner. What is he or she is like? What they want, what are their taste in food? When your partner is unhappy then you should be the first person they want by their side. There shouldn’t be any secrets between you two. A perfect relationship is the one which gives comfort. The very idea of your partner should put a smile on your face.

Your partner should be your first priority. Allah only helps those who help themselves. If there are some problems in your relation, then obviously there is some reason. You should be two bodies and one soul. And if you really want to keep it happy, then work for it.

Do not fight over little. Do not blame each other for absolutely no reason. If you will not help each other then, no one else will. In our community, there is already a lot of interference. Two people who are married are already being judged. People will create problems with you on purpose.

We all make mistakes. I am sure your partner will too and for the matter of fact, you will too. learn to understand and forgive. There should be a constant channel of communication between you two. If you will not tell what the real problem is then how will your partner know. You need to keep your ego aside. This is the real key to your good matrimonial relationship.

And, you can always ask Allah for his help. If he will see your efforts he will certainly help you. This is how it works.


There are many duas given in the Quran of which you can take the help of. If you really want a good matrimonial relationship, then you can always do legitimate dua. He is the all-time listener. All he wants is the ultimate good for you.

DUA 1:

For this, there are many duas which you can make. But, the only point here is that, whichever one you do. You should be doing that with all the dedication and sincerity.

You can recite “Al-Wadoodo” for the 1000 times. This is the most loving name of Allah and it will your marriage life with love, inshallah.

DUA 2:

You can recite Surah An-Nisa for the 7 times in a day. This dua will help you smoothen your marriage life.

DUA 3:

This is your “Qaziyal Hajat” and Allah will soon solve all your troubles. If your marriage problems have little troubles, then it will soon go away. You can recite, “Surah Muzammil” it will help you remove all the problems.

Your relationship will become good only if you want it to. Your efforts are required the most here. What you do matters the most. May you get what you want soon. May your life be filled with happiness. Ameen.

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