Dua For Mother In Law Love 5/5 (9)

Dua For Mother In Law Love
Dua For Mother In Law Love

Dua For Mother In Law Love

Dua For Mother In Law Love or to make mother in law happy can be use to keep mother in law away from your family. Our Muslim Expert will Provide You dua to get rid of mother in law problems for your happy life.

Every woman has to enter into a new phase when she gets marries. She has to leave her parents house entirely and has to live forever in his husband’s life. has to accept his husband’s home and family members her own. And She has to make this in mind that the respect which she gave her parents.

Dua For Mother In Law Love
Dua For Mother In Law Love

to provide the same respect to her mother in law. Though it is very tough and complicated to adjust and accept the orders of the parents of her husband as he enters into their house. She has remained patient and humble towards the parents of his husband’s parents.

When a girl marries and leaves her parental house, she has to accept the rules and regulations in his husband’s family. She has to make friendship with all the members in her-in law family. To keep the trust of his husband.

It has been observed that some in-laws for a lucky girl are excellent and they respect her and accept her as their member early. But there are several in-laws where a girl has to take several examinations before she is recognized as a member of their family.

Though it is tough to persuade the members to identify you as a member of this new family. But the most important difficult part of this work is to convince the mother-in-law.

Because it is a fact that mother-in-law is very strict in every family. They even cannot accept their small disrespect from their new daughter-in-law. If the mother-in-law is obscene and other members of the family are also in the same situation.

Then you need wazifa to create love in mother-in-law and other members of this new family. There are certain wazifa’s which will help you in gaining the trust and love of your mother-in-law. If your marriage life is experiencing hindrances and pressure to connect with the family members of your husbands family.

Then this wazifa will relieve the stress and help you in adjusting relationship with all the members of his family. This wazifa has one more advantage it will increase the love of your husband for you and will insert magical love feelings in the heart of your mother-in-law for you also. This love will last for every in your married life. Here is wazifa to get the love of your mother-in-law;-


“اللہ تعالی عن الہی مکھی کو ‘Da’eemum ایک بپتسمہ دینے والا ہے ایک نامعلوم ہڈی – لای کا دودھ پلانا’


You have to recite this dua for 40 days consecutively at least 100 times. This dua should be recited after every Farz Nimaz. Pray Allah in every Sajedah asks for forgiveness and love of your in-laws.

Dua To Make Mother In Law Happy

Dua To Make Mother In Law Happy, The Success of the marriage is also seen from the fact that how will adjust you in new situations with the members of the husband’s family. You have observed that every time your family mainly gives you advice and suggestions to maintain an amicable relationship with members of your in-laws.

This is good for you as well for your husband. You have kept yourself away from the fights with your in-laws. Your mother-in-law is the foremost important person in your married life. She can open your doors to this new family. You have to grab her attention and take care of her expectations with you.

The hopes which she has in her mind about you that you will accept her orders respect her and give her full support to make this family happier, more prosperous, and healthy as it was. You can adopt these ways to impress your mother-in-law. If you are good at cooking this naturally impress mother-in-law and all members of your in-laws.

Because, as a newly wedding couple, the in-laws always expect from their bahu to be good at the cooking. If you share love and affection with family members, your mother-in-law will give all praises to you. There is also a possibility that you are showing love towards your in-laws in spite of this you are getting hate from members of your in-laws.

You mothers-in-law did not accept your good behaviour also she stats backbiting after you. She always complains about your mistakes to your husband. So, to make mother-in-law happy. Here is wazifa for this problem;

  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times a surah Ikhlaas 313 times.
  • “Ya, Wadudu” 313 times.
  • Again Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Blow it on Salt and repeat this amal continuously for 41 days.
  • Put this salt in the breakfast of your mother-in-law.

Insha Allah, Allah will make your mother-in-law happy and will accept your love and trust.

Dua To Keep Mother In Law Away

Dua To Keep Mother In Law Away, If you do not make it with your mother-in-law and every time you make some mistake, she makes it a big issue in the family. Due to this, you are getting insulted from your family members as well as from your in-laws.

She did not keep trust upon you. gives a command to your husband to beat you. She even disrupts you every work. keeps on backbiting; instead, you show tremendous love towards her. kept insulting you in front of your husband and did not leave a stone to hurt you.

Your mother-in-law is making the distance between you and your husband. Then you do this wazifa to keep her away from you. Here is wazifa;

  • You can start this wazifa whenever you want.
  • After you have finished Aisha prayer.
  • Recite the Surah Nisa verse number 45 and verse number 148 for 121 times each.
  • Pray to Allah to keep your mother-in-law away from you.
  • Do this wazifa for three days continuously.

Note: do not use this wazifa for any illegible activity as this wazifa contains the verse of the Noble Quran. One more thing females should not do this wazifa during their menses.

Dua To Get Rid of Mother In Law Problems

Dua To Get Rid of Mother In Law Problems, Mother-in-law plays an important role in your family life. She controls and owns respect in your in-laws family. She is an experienced person in your family. You have to respect her and take proper care of her. Because she is the only person through which you can conquer the whole in-laws.

Either she can be rude or jealous of you. You have to show respect to her. You have to make every effort to make her happy. If she is in any problem, you can advise her and suggest a solution to her problem. This way, you can not only gain her trust but can make a place inside her heart. Here is dua to get rid of mother-in-law problems;

  • First of all, you do a fresh bath.
  • Recite Durood Shareef three times
  • Then Recite “ Ya muizzu” 1000 times.
  • Then again, Durood shareef three times.
  • Continue this wazifa for 40 days.

Note: women should not do this wazifa during menses.

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