Dua For Protection From Shaitan 5/5 (11)

Dua For Protection From Shaitan

Dua For Protection From Shaitan, As mortals, we got trapped between Allah and the Shaitan. While Allah protects us, the Shaitan is out to destroy us. The Shaitan does everything opposite of what Allah does. Allah trusts us to fight our battles.

Shaitan, on the other hand, shows us the easy way out. Allah nurtures us with hardship and discipline whereas the Shaitan lures us with temptations. Because of this eternal battle between Allah and Shaitan, humanity has become the unwilling scapegoat. Shaitan has no real power over Allah. So, to get an edge, Shaitan uses humans to defy Allah.

As children of Allah, our job then is to not give in to the tricks of Shaitan. However, Shaitan is both cunning and sinister. There is no way, to determine when the Shaitan is playing his game. The best approach then is to use the dua for protection from shaitan, regularly.

Dua For Protection From Shaitan

Dua For Protection From Shaitan

Keeping a watch on the Shaitan is hard. For there’s no definite way, in which the Shaitan operates. The Shaitan would use everything and anything, to get to you. And we mortals are not equipped to deal with the sinister plots of Shaitan. Our only hope is to seek refuge in Allah. By using the dua for protection from shaitan, you can summon Allah to protect you.

Dua to seek protection from shaitan

You will always know when things go wrong. Our primary instinct is aligned with the nature of Allah. Which is why, when we do something wrong, we feel guilty? Our conscience warns us whenever we deviate from our true nature. That is the right time to dua for protection from shaitan.

You become weaker, the farther you stray from Allah. When you indulge in vices, you lose your self-control. When you skip the obligatory prayers, you lower your guards. And that’s when the Shaitan makes you a target. He’s always on a watch, who among Allah’s children falters. And when you open that window, he sweeps in to steal your soul.

And when the Shaitan is on a hunt, there’s no way; you can see him coming. Before you know it, you will be trapped in the clutches of Shaitan. The Shaitan latches on to your soul like a parasite and eats you from within slowly and slowly.

Everything you have built in your life will slip away gradually. You will lose everyone you care about. Your personal, professional, and social life all will rot slowly. You may see it happening, but you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. Your only hope to come out of this hell alive is to use the dua for protection from shaitan, for there’s no evil, strong enough to defeat Allah. And when Allah takes mercy on you, he shall lift you in his arms and bring you out of the hell.

However, Allah helps those who ask for his help. Those who lose their conscience indulged in evil acts all their life. Allah waits patiently to account for their sins when the time is right. And then when the time comes, Allah sends them to hell. Unless there’s hope to save your soul, Allah won’t protect you. Unless you bring sincerity to your prayers, Allah won’t answer them.


  1. Surrender to Allah and chant his name at every instance.
  2. Before starting the prayer, do proper wuzu.
  3. Recite the following dua for protection from shaitan, 100 times –

la ilahail-allah – wahdahulaashareekalahu-lahul-mulkuwalahul-hamdu – wahuwa ‘ala kullishay’inqadeer.

  1. Recite the following dua when you step into the mosque –

a’oodhubillahil-‘adheemwa bi wajhil-kareemiwa bi sultaanihil-qadeemi min ash-shaytaani-rajeem

  1. Whenever you feel the mind is wandering, recite the following dua for protection from shaitan, about 100 times –

rabbi aaoozubika min hamazaat-ish-shayateeniwaaaoozu-bika rabbi ain-yahzuroon

  1. Also, recite Surah an-Nas and al-Falaq, daily, whenever you get an opportunity.
  2. Additionally, recite AyatulKursi, before retiring to bed at night.

If you still feel insecure, then the best resort is to approach the local Moulvi. There’s no sense if fighting the Shaitan alone. You could use the help of an experienced religious person. The Moulvi can hear your concerns and address your fears. He can guide you on how to use the dua for protection from shaitan. You can also seek help from an expert Islamic Astrologer.

How to stay away from shaitan

If your current lifestyle doesn’t allow you enough time for the dua, you can opt for Taveez. The Astrologer can perform the dua for protection from shaitan on your behalf and anoint a Taveez for you. You can wear this Taveez to keep the Shaitan at bay.

Ideally, you must have the Taveez made for every member of your family. Shaitan attacks the weakest link in the pack. If Shaitan didn’t harm you, he would go for someone else you care. The dua for protection from shaitan is the only solution for keeping your family safe.

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