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Dua For Removing Hardship

Dua For Removing Hardship use to overcome hardship in life and also use to get out of hardship in marriage. Our Strong Dua able to ease hardship in family, for similar problem please ask to us to get solution as per Islamic law.

Kabeer was a very hardworking and a smart guy. When he joined college for the junior first year, he realized that all syllabus is in English and he had studied from vernacular medium. He started using dictionary ever damn time but using a dictionary was very inconvenient.

He can’t carry that anywhere and everywhere. Also, he had to take practical journals, books, and assignments, a functional apparatus, etc. It was not practical at all to carry a dictionary. Also, it was not possible to search in the dictionary now and then because things used to happen so fast, he always used to lag.

Dua For Removing Hardship

Dua For Removing Hardship

He had a crush in his college. She was very good at speaking and leadership qualities. Kabeer too had those qualities but could never utilize it because the audience he had to address was mostly from English medium and it was difficult for him to throw even random English words. Also, he had this mother tongue influence over his English because of which he used to sound odd whenever he used to speak. He used to share this with his elder sister.

She suggested to him that he can use dua for removing hardship. Because he was not a lazy guy but still he was facing hardship so why not use the spiritual power to get support. Sometimes in life, we need the help of Allah, and he never denies us relief because he cares for every one of us. So according to har dua for removing hardship would certainly help and it would be the best remedy.

 Dua To Overcome Hardship In Life

Kabeer also never had a good dressing sense. Because he never saw people dressing fashionably around him. And it was not possible for him to replace all his clothes with the new fashionable ones.

Due to which he was not able to make good friends in college. Due to the appearance and the talk, he only had people around him who were just like him. But he never got accepted in a good crowd. So his rate of improvement also was not increasing.

 He had a very nice looking girl in his practical lab group. She always used to talk about her friends, her clothes, her parties, and her boyfriend. Even kabeer wanted to get all that kind of lifestyle but he didn’t have it nor did he know how to get it.

These people also used to live nearby college but for kabeer’s parents, buying a house in a proper city was not possible, so he had to travel to the suburbs every day where he used to live. He started thinking of going to molvi ji and getting dua to overcome hardship in life.

Also, he used to see a few people from another stream like commerce, who used to leave college very early, almost in half time. And here he used to attend a college that was nearly double their time. Also, he used to participate in classes because the syllabus was strict.

So all these things used to exhaust his entire day. In addition to that, he had to complete assignments and preparation for experiments at home. Finally, he accepted dua to overcome hardship in life and ended al. those hardships. Now his life is smooth.

Dua To Get Out of Hardship In Marriage

Nadima was a brilliant and simple girl working in a bank. Her job was to make calls and try to sell credit cards in the bank. She was very hard working and used to sell more credit cards than any of her peers in that branch.

The boss always used to be happy. Once she closed almost ten customers on a single day. She was so popular in her bank that branch managers used to demand her in their respective branches in case, they are facing problem in sales of credit cards.

Her family members were now searching for an apt groom for her. Her boss, the branch manager, was almost a family friend of theirs. Nadima’s mom once literally came to meet him to let him know that they now are planning to find a great groom for her.

So in case, he has any contacts or anybody in his sight they he can recommend or try. He said okay. Her dad also had told all his colleagues, all relatives in the native place. Whenever they used to have a call with any relative from the native place her dad always used to talk about her marriage.

But now it’s been so many months, but they were finding it very difficult to find a groom for her. Somebody suggested them to consult an astrologer so that he might give them dua to get out of hardship in marriage.

Later she got married late, but again her husband was not behaving correctly. So she went to molvi ji and accepted dua to get out of hardship in marriage. Now she is living a happy married life.

Dua To Ease Hardship In The Family

Mustafa was facing a weird issue in his family. He was 55 yrs old man with 19 yrs and 25 yrs old sons. With a wife, he used to live in his flat. He had a loan of the home as well as the car he had bought. Now his teen son used to stay late up the night, plat too much game.

He used to play almost 4-6 hrs per day. His younger son’s name was Akbar, and his elder son’s name was Humayun. Akbar used to eat in front of his computer, watching other people playing the game, even while working, he used to listen to the audio of people who are streaming their games live.

He was working as a graphic designer being a freelancer person, but nobody knows whether it was necessary to have that much of specifications that he added in his computer.

His elder son also used to be very modern due to which Mustafa always used to blame him because his younger son used to mimic what elder brother has been doing. Her wife used to support his younger son every time. In addition to that, she used to frame Mustafa to be a lousy person having unreasonable expectations.

Mustafa had no idea how he should behave. His friends at the office suggested him to go to molvi ji who might give him dua to ease hardship in family. He needed a spiritual power to empower him. So he went to a famous molvi ji, and molvi ji gave him dua to ease hardship in family. He started chatting that dua regularly. And now he lives a happy life.

Dua For Happiness In Life

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