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Dua To Curse Someone

Dua To Curse Someone you can use this dua to curse enemy, it also help to stop curses. Our powerful dua to curse also protect from curse, Get it From our experienced islamic healer.

Nazma was a beautiful girl in her late teens. She was studying in a college. Her studies were about to get finished, so her parents at home had started thinking of her marriage soon. They also asked her whether she knows any guy whom she likes etc. She blushed and didn’t say anything.

Dua To Curse Someone

Dua To Curse Someone

Here she liked a guy, but she never spoke to him about it. His name was kabeer. Kabeer was in her college. One day due to assignment work they had to meet after college. That evening they both realized that they both were liking each other but never expressed.

From that day onwards they started hanging out together. Soon they developed a love and started dreaming of having their own family. In a few days, Kabeer promised nazma to marry her.

That day nazama was so happy. He even later prompts her to get physical with him. Nazma knew he was going to be her husband, so she agreed. It used to happen regularly. After a few months, one-day nazma’s friend told her that she saw kabeer with another girl in some park. Nazma immediately came to see and caught kabeer redhanded.

But kabeer showed no remorse. He said she was not attractive, so he has moved on. She started crying there itself. She was furious and left. Nazma directly went to molvi ji. She was crying.

Molvi ji gave her dua to curse someone. She felt a bit better. She used that on kabeer. And in the week she got to know that the kabeer failed in his college exam and had lost one year. Dua to curse someone by molvi ji had worked perfectly.

Dua To Curse An Enemy

Nazma felt better. But also felt terrible for herself that she did not do anything wrong still she had to face this tragedy. She always loved kabeer from the inside, and she used to miss all those special moments spent with him. Nazma was depressed and never used to socialize much with her friends. Even parents didn’t have any idea what’s the matter.

In college, kabeer used to purposely come in front of her with his new girlfriend and used to make an explicit move with her gf to tease nazma. He also used to send her intimate pics of his with his new girlfriend on various social media platforms, which used to add in her frustration so much more. She started hating kabeer. There was no love remaining in her mind about him. Had become her enemy now.

She went to molve ji. Molvi ji once again gave her dua to curse the enemy. She was was so much determined this time. Nazma obeyed all the instructions narrated by molvi ji. She used to chat that dua almost every day along with all those dos and don’ts that molvi ji had given.

This was continuously happening for three weeks. During these three weeks, kabeer’s teasing has been decreasing over some time. Nazma knew why there was this change. Dua to curse enemy was working. He was having disputes with his girlfriend. At the end of 3 weeks, nazma got to know from somewhere that she had left him for some other guy. Nazma felt so rejoiced and happy.

Dua To Stop Curses

Mudabbir was a brilliant and religious fellow. He was working at a law firm in Mumbai. Mudabbir was well educated and kind. He met a girl at his law firm. She had recently joined. Her name was Garima. Garima was a hot and beautiful girl. Every guy of her age liked her from the office. Even older men had started talking about her and her beauty at the office.

She was smart but naive. Garima had recently graduated and just starting her career. She met mudabbir. And in the first meeting itself, she liked his attitude and overall body language. She was kinda impressed by him. Once asked him to go out with her for a coffee. Mudabbir was happy and agreed. Later they fell in love and got into a relationship with each other. They moved in together. Everything was going fine.

One year passed. One day mudabbir came to Garima and told her that they have been getting into frequent fights and it is not working out between them. Also, he said that he likes another girl he met on a business trip. Garima started overreacting.

She blamed him for cheating on him. And got so much furious. Mudabbir tried everything to convince her that he liked that girl and wish to take things further with that girl and don’t want to be with Garima. Still, she was blaming mudabbir, and Garima moved out.

Here mudabbir started facing problems with his job. It increased so much that he had to leave the firm. He got so frustrated. Mudabbir had no idea how and why it all happened. He went to molvi ji. He said it is all due to the curse of Garima.

So he gave him dua to stop curses. Mudabbir used that to prevent any curses that might exist and yes the dua to stop curses worked. Within two weeks he got a call from the same company and this he had a raise on his salary.

Dua To Protect From The Curse

Mudabbir decides to rejoin his previous company. Garima was still working there. Now mudabbir was in a relationship with the girl which he met on a business trip. Her name was Meghan. She tried to be friendly with Garima, but she still hated him. He had no idea how to handle the situation.

Somehow he had got his job back. And his love life also had become smooth with meghana, and he did not want any adverse change in his life now. He knew Garima was still pissed at him and did not want to get in trouble again. So he revisited molvi ji.

This time molvi ji gave him dua to protect from the curse. Molvi ji said this dua would create a shield around him so that no matter how hard somebody tries they would not be able to hurt or harm in any way with the help of their curse.

Mudabbir used to chant this dua every day. Whenever he used to go for namaz, he never used to forget to recite this dua to protect from the curse. After All, he had to sustain the smooth going life without having to hinder his progress. He was also trying to eradicate the misunderstanding of Garima even introducing meghana to her.

It did not work, but still, he was living a fulfilling life. He also later decided to marry meghana. It’s been two since they were in a relationship. And molvi ji’s dua had worked. He was so happy.

Dua For Protection From Shaitan

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