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Dua To Prevent Divorce

Dua To Prevent Divorce or to save marriage from divorce can be use to strengthen marriage. You can use our dua for not getting divorced to save your marriage lifelong.

As we all want a happy married life. We do not want to get separated from the person we love. Divorces always bring unhappiness over person that we promised to love.

Furthermore person that we promised that we would stay beside for whole life when we married them. So to fulfill our promises we need to stay with the person. And getting divorced is just the opposite of it.

Dua To Prevent Divorce

Dua To Prevent Divorce

So at first, we must try to keep our selves positive about our marriage. Divorce happens for any reason. Unhappiness in marriage. Or unfaithfulness. Also loss of trust. And economic problems.

Furthermore we also have many other reasons for getting divorced. Without reasons we would not want to get divorced from a person that we loved once. Moreover, we loved that person so much that we got married to that person and wanted to stay with them for our whole life.

But we must also know that there are other ways to get over the obstacles we face in our married life. Most noteworthy divorce does not do any good for anyone.

Also if we have a child from our marriage, then nonetheless who wants to get divorced. The child will always suffer most from divorce.

Also, other family members have to face harassment from the issues that persist in a divorced couple. So here while we are providing dua to prevent divorce.

Furthermore, due to saving marriage from divorce. Also dua to strengthen marriage. And dua for not getting divorced. This duas will surely help.

Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce

Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce, Usually, we seek the help of the almighty God when we don’t know what else to do. Furthermore when we do not have anything else to do that will help with the divorce.

And it is not wrong to seek help from the almighty god. But to do that you must have total belief in your heart. Also you should have complete devotion towards the almighty god.

So when you think you are ready. You should know that the almighty God is also prepared to help you out as he is always want to help out who seek help from him. Even in the holy book Quran we have dua to save marriage from divorce.

Now I will explain the proper process or method for dua. Most noteworthy, you must follow all the steps as described in writing. Otherwise you will not get any help. Or the dua might work only partially.

The method is at. First you need to perform this at midnight. Then you need to take shower. After that you need to do the wuzu. And then you must place yourself in a nice quiet, peaceful room.

At first, you need to pray Tahajjud Salaah. After that chant subhanallahthirty three times. Then chant alhamdullillahthirty three times. And then shout Allahu Akbar 34 times.

When you have done this. You need to recite Surah Yaseen. After that, you need to make a dua for saving your marriage. Doing the whole process properly every day will surely keep your marriage from divorce.

Dua To Strengthen Marriage

Dua To Strengthen Marriage, Here I am going to provide dua to strengthen marriage. As to avoid the anxiety and the sorrow of divorce. Furthermore to keep everyone from mental pain and to keep everyone happy we need to strengthen our marriage. And while we are doing everything we can in our power to improve our marriage moreover that we can also do dua to strengthen our marriage.

As if we do dua, we will also have God beside us to help with what we seek. God is always there to help us with matters that pains us. So hereafter I will explain all that you need to do to get this dua right. Most noteworthy make sure you follow all the methods accurately I describe here. Otherwise the dua can work partially. Furthermore it cannot work at all.

So at first, what you need to do is acquire an egg. Then cleanse the egg properly after the egg is clean and intact. You need write al bara’at on the egg with a marker pen. After that you need to recite the dua

laqadjaa akum rasoolum min



After you have recited the dua, you need to write the name of your spouse. Then you need to bury the egg at a place where fire burns every day.

Also to go through all these methods. Make sure that you take a shower and do the wuzu first. You should follow the process correctly and you shall see your desire be fulfilled soon.

Dua For Not Getting Divorced

Dua For Not Getting Divorced, At first, I would like to state that it is okay to seek help from the almighty god as he is the only one who can help you with all your problems.

He can help you where everything and every one has failed. So hereafter I will provide dua for not getting divorced and to not get divorced we need to improve our relationship with our spouse.

To do that you need to go through the methods precisely as I am going to describe here. Otherwise the dua might not take effect. Or it can also work partially.

Now the method starts with cleansing yourself. After that make sure that you wear clean, fresh clothes for the dua. Then perform your wuzu very accurately. Now place yourself in a quiet place.

And then do your Isha’sNamaz. After that, you will need to chant the Darood Shareef. Furthermore you should chant this continuously. After you have done than recite Surah HijrAyat forty-seventh verse continue for hundred and one-time consistently.

After that you will need to chant InnallahaYusmaiuMayash Ahu for seven hundred and seventy-seven times continuously. Then chant YawaduduYaRaufuYaRaheemu for three hundred and three times.

After that, make sure you got a proper picture or visual of you and your spouse when you were happy. Do this every day. Most noteworthy make sure you don’t miss the count of your chants. Furthermore make sure you do all the pronunciation correctly. As doing this properly will surely make all your wishes come true.

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