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Wazifa For Winning Lottery

Islamic Wazifa For Winning Lottery, Winning a lottery is like getting a wish-granting fairy. We all have this kind of thoughts once in a while. We all want to win a lottery, especially when there is dire need of money. Today, every single person is running after money. It is not hard to wonder why? It is money only which can buy you everything, from a small pin to a luxurious car. You work hard day and night, earn a living for your family.

Wazifa For Winning Lottery

Wazifa For Winning Lottery

If you have a business, every bit of profit matters to you a lot. If you are doing a job, you save from your salary as much as you can. But, unfortunately, none of that is enough. In that meager saving, you just cannot do what you have been planning to do. You wanted to buy a fancy car or get done with the long-pending home loan. You and your family wanted to go on a trip abroad but just can’t as you don’t have enough money.

Once in a while, we all want to live for ourselves. We just want to get away from this huge rush of life. And, expect some magic to happen and instantaneously solve all our problems. But, life is no magic and nothing come that easy. Still, who knows as life is unexpected. It always takes those turn you don’t expect it to take. Winning a lottery can be that one move.

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Your desire to win a lottery become all the firmer when you know someone in your surrounding has won the lottery. It is true that life has no short cuts and we all we all have to earn our way through it. But, such out of the blue happenings raises our hopes. Only a fool would say no to the free money. The very question arises here is how is to win a lottery. And, the answer we all know. It is not at all easy.  A practical person won’t even go after it, but his desperation would.

If we go by the legal aspect of it, there is no blanket ban on the lottery in our country. As far as Islam is concerned, Allah always wants us to look for Halal ways. He wants to toil hard even for a single needle. Lotteries are usually considered a part of gambling and are forbidden in Islam. There is a lot more ambiguity in Islam upon this matter. Most of the Islamic scholars don’t prescribe the followers to buy the lottery tickets. There is a pain in gain and you have to shed your sweat to reap a single grain.

Though there are many theories in it. Which completely depends upon your intentions. Times have changed and these days there are many things which weren’t there earlier. Suppose, if you buy a lottery ticket and win the money, then what would you do with it. If you ask me an honest answer, we all would like to spend it to buy all the things in the world. This is surely forbidden in Islam.

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But, what if your intention is noble and you want to do all the good work with that money. Like charity or donating it all for the poor and needy. Nobody exactly knows what Allah approves of. He has mysterious ways of functioning. What if he is making you the medium for that good work. Through you, he is planning to help the needy. Every coin has two sides. And you have to consider all the options available to you.

As a sincere Muslim, you certainly don’t want to offend Allah. Or go in the opposite way from him. It is easy for people to judge you but, if you want he will certainly understand you. Believe me, that is the only thing which matters the most. So, before you go forward and buy a lottery ticket, make a legitimate dua to Allah. Communicate to him what you exactly want. Let him know your intentions.

Think if you weren’t expecting from the lottery ticket and it was just a joke for you. But, you win the money from it and just wondering what you would do with the money. My suggestion is to use it wisely and invest it in the noble cause. Haram money can be put in the halal cause. Allah the Almighty is the most merciful and kind and he is there to forgive you.

Now, as you know all the aspects of the lottery. It depends totally on you that what you want to do now. you are aware of both the right and wrong and now what path you take is totally up to you. So, think before you buy the lottery ticket.

If you are in real need of the money and you are desperate to win the lottery. Then I am sure Allah will help you out. There are many duas and wazifas which you can make to achieve your motives.


We all have a fixed amount of everything written in our destinies. You are not going to get a single thing out of that. No matter how much you try, you will get what is there in your destiny only.

The procedure of the wazifa:

  • After offering the Zohar namaz, make a fresh ablution.
  • Firstly, recite the Darood Shareef for 11 times.
  • Now make the following dua, “SubhanAllahi Wabhihamdee subhan allahiazeem” for the 59 times.
  • Now, again recite the DuroodShareef for the 11 times.
  • You have to do the wazifa for the 12 days

You can also recite the “QaaziyalHaajat” day and night. And will these efforts you can certainly get what you exactly want. Inshallah, you will win a lottery. Just make sure whatever you do, you do it legitimately and put the money in the Halaal cause. Allah will certainly understand your intentions. He is the mightiest and the all-time helper. May Allah be with you always. Ameen.


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