Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married 100% Results 5/5 (17)

Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married

Powerful Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married, When your little angel was born, you had dreamt a lot for her. From that moment on you were dying to watch her as a bride. For all the parents to see their daughters in a bridal outfit is no less than a dream.

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Getting them married is no easy decision too. A child is precious to all, especially when she is your own. You see her grow and invest in her both emotionally and financially. You should hear bit by bit. Teach her the right things and make her capable enough. You want her to reach the heights.

Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married

Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married

But, as children grow up, their thought process often tends to differ from yours. As a parent, you might have different plans for your daughter. If she has come of age, soon you would like to find a suitable match for her. To you for her, the ultimate destination should be marriage.

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Maybe, that is something that she doesn’t want for herself. She is ambitious and wants to steer her life in a very different direction. She wants to achieve her goals academically or professionally and not get married. But, you want her to get married.

Dua for daughter to get married soon

This is where opinion comes into conflict. What you want, she doesn’t, and what she wants you to don’t. simply, you both are poles apart on this matter. The situation becomes so much worse when there is societal pressure. When people around you and your relatives question you about your daughter’s marriage. Ask you all sought of nonsense things and make you wonder about all weird possibilities.

Practically, you both are in a fix here. None of you is wrong. But, it is the parents’ ultimate concern that must be taken care of. They are right on that part. A daughter is their prime responsibility, and till the time she will not gets to her real home; they won’t be satisfied.

The key to this issue is very simple and not as complex as you think it to be. Sit together and talk. Try and understand things and make her understand what you want. Explain that lesson of life that you have learned so far.

Dua for daughter to listen to parents

Excess of everything is harmful and maybe she is simply over ambitious. At least she is not wasting her time. Get the picture very clear here and ask her what she exactly wants. And, if you think she is on the right track then let her be on it. If you are still in the fix, then you can always do the Istikhara. Ask Allah to pull you out of this moment of doubt and Inshallah he will. The main Issue here is Why she doesn’t want to get married? Why she is refusing it or getting it delayed?

All you need is a satisfactory answer. And you will not get it until and unless you ask her. Her reason has to be a legitimate one. If her concern is her education and career, then you can always lend it a thought. There is indeed a way out on this matter and surely there is. But if there are other reasons I can understand your concern about this.

At this age, a lot of doubts arises in this regard. What if she is involved with a boy or having an affair? No matter how many times you warn her or try to get her on the right track, she just doesn’t listen to you. In her lies your honor and whatever she will do good or bad, people will attach that with you. Every good action of her will raise your name and every bad action will put a black mark on it. You don’t want that surely.

Dua for my daughter to get married

If the actions of your daughter have become a reason for your nightmares. Then please don’t worry, Allah will take care of all your worries. He is the giver of all the troubles and he is the solution too. Do not get concerned with what people say and apply your brains too. if you are convinced that your daughter is not right and she is not listening to you on purpose. Then you should take an action.

Every person deserves three chances. Use your love and try to convince her. Find a suitable boy for her and tell her how her life will be different with him. Tell her, how after marriage she will be able to live her life differently.

Marriage is all about happiness and not restrictions. As a parent, you should know the temperament of your daughter. According to that, you should find a boy for her. Those times are long gone when girls used to compromise, today they would like to have a say.


The following dua will ease your daughter’s heart and break her stubborn attitude. After this inshallah she will listen to you. The dua is as follows:

“Allhumma in audubika min munkaratil akhlaaqi wala’maali wal-ahwaa”

The direct translation of this dua is that you want to seek in him from bad manners, deed and whims.


If you want to get her married soon and without any hurdles or implications. Then after any namaz of the day, you can recite the following name of Allah:

“Ya Latifu” for 313 times.

Dua For Daughter To Listen Parents And Get Married- You can also recite “Ya Qaziyal Hajaat” day and night. It has immense power and will automatically ease your troubles. It will pull your daughter on the right path. There is nothing more powerful than legitimate dua. Ask for Allah’s help and he will surely help you.

There is no doubt in it. Believe him for good. Ask him to lend you his helping hand and guide you through your trouble. He is merciful and will never let you alone. May the end of your problems soon. Ameen.

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