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Wazifa To Remove Husbands Anger

Wazifa To Remove Husbands Anger, What is the key to real and happy marriage? It is surely two people’s effort towards each other. It is the love between two people which drives them through the thick and thin of life.

No cart of this journey can be completed on one wheel and if you want to sail through it smoothly, you both have to work together. To Allah real heaven lies in the happy house but we as humans are the most ungrateful and we just don’t realize the greatest blessing which are just given so easily to us by the Allah the almighty.

Wazifa To Remove Husbands Anger

Wazifa To Remove Husbands Anger

These days it has become so common to see and indeed to hear that every second household in our neighborhood and indeed in our own home that couples are fighting and most of the times it is the husband who is roaring at the top of his voice, scolding his wife and indeed beating her for something as small as more or less salt in his food or for his non ironed shirt.

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger, And the major reason behind all this the patriarchal nature of our society and our own mentality, which always keep the boy over the girl and gives the liberty to the so called man of the house. Make him feel like the king and giving him the ultimate authority so that he can do whatever he wants, treat anyone as he thinks right.

Every marriage in our community starts with tall promises. The family of the groom assures the girl’s parents that they would treat her as their own daughter but in the few weeks of marriage things begin to change.

The girl becomes the domestic servant and her entire day goes in the kitchen and when the day ends either she is getting abused by her in laws or by her own husband who is supposed to be her guard, her savior. If you are that wife who is undergoing this trauma or that family or the husband, who are knowingly traumatizing a girl who is away from her home, her parents.

Then I should tell you that, what are you doing is not acceptable to Allah, he has ordered or prescribed you to treat the girl with sheer respect. She has more rights than you, the moment she got married to you, she becomes your responsibility.

Powerful Wazifa For Angry Husband

Powerful Wazifa For Angry Husband, You are under the obligation to take care of her in the best way possible, provide for her and most importantly to give her the respect. It is given in Islam that she can even refuse to feed your child, if she doesn’t want to and nobody can force her in this regard.

But, how ignorant we all are to know all this and if somebody wants to tell us all this then we are just arrogant to deny it. In all our family, the total opposite is happening and the life which should be full of happiness has become no less than hell for her. Allah has mysterious ways to function but he always makes sure that timely justice is done to them specially who need it the most.

If you are that wife who is suffering day and night and if your husband ill-treats you and get angry at you for little things. Then please don’t lose heart, every problem has a solution and you are very dear to Allah and he cannot see you in pain and inshallah he will soon deliver you from this struggle of yours.

Wazifa to remove husband’s anger: Anger is the man’s biggest enemy and it is surely the doing of the shaitaan. Allah can never reside in his heart where there is anger. If your major issue is your husband’s anger, then do a legitimate dua to Allah and ask for his help. It is better to kill his anger before it kills you and your happiness.

Wazifa For Husband Anger In Urdu Procedure:

            “Allahumma ta’hisa Alayya absaara zaalimatihee wal murideena bissowa an tasrif quloobahum an sharri maa yad mirunahoo inni khairi laa yamlakaa gairika”

  • On a sundae, between twilight and night.
  • Make a fresh ablution.
  • Recite the above Qura’nic verse for 7 times.
  • Blow it on fresh roses.
  • Place these lowers near the pillow of your husband on which he sleeps.
  • Next day, dispose these flowers off on the clean soil or area.
  • Repeat this process for at least three Sundays by taking fresh flowers every time and surely you will see the change in your husband’s bad temper.
There is another dua which you can do to remove husband’s anger and stubbornness:

    “Yaanarukooni bardaun wasalaaman alaa ibraheem”

If you read the above ayaat daily, it will remove the anger and stubbornness. There is no fixed number to recite it but it is suggested that after every namaaz you can recite it by making the intention in your heart and resolving what you truly want.

Also, you can recite “Ya Wadoodo” endlessly to instil love in your husband’s heart for you and inshallah very soon you will have a very different life and your husband will treat you with sheer love and the respect that you deserve.

Problem is the integral part of all our lives and we all go through them in one way or the other. May be there is a reason behind your husband’s anger which you should at least try to understand. Talk to him and tell him what are your worries and try to share his load.

As a couple you both should stand together in the challenges which life offers you. May be there is something at work or his business and his temper is timely. Try to ease out things from your end, serve him his favorite dishes, sooth him when he comes back home rather than nagging him. At times a smile is all he needs.

Respect is your fundamental right and if all your efforts fail then you should be strong enough to take you own stand and not let a man disrespect you for absolutely no reason.

He will make you suffer if you are ready to suffer. I hope no such thing happen to you. May Allah watches you and guards you. Ameen.

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