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Ya Latifu Ka Wazifa For Job

Ya Latifu Ka Wazifa For Job, After completing education what one looks for is a secured, high paying and long lasting job. As the times are changing and people and their skills are growing at a superfast pace and so is the competition.

These days the situation is so worse that for a single job there are hundreds of candidates in the line, having good degrees seeking that one job. And even if you get the interview letter there are so many rounds to go through that it breaks your confidence in the process.

Ya Latifu Ka Wazifa For Job

Ya Latifu Ka Wazifa For Job

But, as they say struggle is a vital part of every one’s life and we all have to take this test. All this while, till this part you have done the hard work and will, inshallah soon pay off.

At times there are circumstances which makes things hard for us. As no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter how many interviews you give you are not able to get your dream or desired job. And, at the same time there are others less qualified than you get the better and more paying hob than you.

Is it there luck? May be yes. But, believe me you are also not that unlucky as you think yourself to be. May be it is just not the right time or it hasn’t just come yet and most importantly Allah has better plan for you.

Ya wadoodo ka wazifa for job

Most of the times our own plans don’t work out for us because may be we are not exactly looking for something we should. Something which is much better for us and that is why Allah is delaying that thing for us.

And, if you think what you are doing are right and your efforts are at right direction and there is something which is blocking your success or holding you back from getting that job, then Allah is surely there to help you.

All you have to do is to ask and seek his help. His kindness is beyond our all imagination and we can never know what are his plans exactly. So it is better to be faithful as if he has made this hard for you he is the only one to make it easy too.

In your every namaz reach out to him and communicate with him all your problems and he will answer them in no time. But, there are things which are under your control and you are the only one taking care of them. For example.

after you repeated failures in getting a job, you really need to think and re think about the points or strategies which are going wrong and that you are repeatedly doing. Allah help only those who help themselves and you cannot just blame him for something which is your fault. You should take care of things which you can and rest he will take care.

Ya wahabo wazifa for job

A genuine dua is your all time solution, it is your way to get Allah’s help or to contact him. In Qur’an he has given solutions to all our problems all we have to do is to look. And if you look with all the desperation, you will certainly get the answers.

Ya Latifu ka wazifa for job:

Allah’s 99 names are that key which can fit any lock and open it. That simply mean they can rescue us from any trouble or help us in the moment of severe doubt. That is the power of Allah and his merciful ways. All this while you were just unaware, but now you know it.

Ya Latifu meaning:

It is one of Allah’s name and it has a deep meaning. Allah is Lateef which means he is the gentle one or ever discreetly gentle, the most gracious, the subtle one and you can surely solve any of your problem, be it getting a job, child or marriage problem by using this name of Allah.


Allah’s name are the wisdom pearls of Islam. And if you are having difficulty in getting a job then you can surely use it to solve this problem of yours. Give Sadka or charity as he who help others is certainly and automatically helped by the Allah the almighty.

Now you can recite “Ya Latifu Ya Razzaq” every day for 100 times. And after doing this, Inshallah you will get your desired job.

Wazifa 2

You can use this “Ya Lateefu” wazifa to solve any problem of yours. The procedure is as follows.

After every day Isha namaaz, recite it in the following way.

  • Pray two rakat salatul hajat,
  • Recite surah Al Nashrah for 11 times;
  • Now, recite Durood shareef for 11 times;
  • Recite “Ya Lateefu” for 16641 times
  • In the end again recite durood shareef for 11 times.

Ya mujeebu ka wazifa for job

And then, pray to Allah with your faith and your desperation and no matter how difficult or hard your situation is he will deliver you from it in no time. Every step of yours towards Allah should be of immense faith and belief in him as your faith will give you peace.

You take one step towards him and he will take many towards you. He loves you and care for you more than you care for yourself. He just tests you and may be prepare you for the better and all you need is patience in such hours of difficulty.

All you need to do is to take care of your part. Do what you have to do and keep your intentions and act noble. He is working for you when you are not. Everything will be fine soon, you have come a long way, have done the hard work and you will get the result too.

Get that very job you want and will be able to fulfil all your dreams. He is the mighty one and the most merciful too, don’t doubt him just trust him. May Allah grant you your wish and you may get your dream job. Ameen.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad

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