Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad 5/5 (13)

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad, What is the living beauty if you may ask and all the answers would say it is the innocence of a child, it is the mischiefs of a child and in his eyes which is as pure as a god?

Our children are our little blessings which Allah has chosen to bestowed upon us and the walls of a house which rings with a sound of children’s laughter is the true paradise on earth.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Aulad

Every married couple eagerly awaits a child who will come and complete their families, who will bring joys of the world for them and eliminate that void in their lives. The moment the child is born into a family he becomes the center of attraction to everyone.

It is like getting a living toy after whom everybody runs. It is same with you and me too. When we were born we were the most loved and now we are eagerly waiting for a new to enter in our lives too.

Powerful wazifa for aulad e narina

But, things aren’t that easy as they seem to be and some unfortunate events occur in all our lives. There are people who can easily have this blessing in their lives in no time, within a few months of their marriage the wife gets pregnant and the couple gets the child. But there are some unfortunate couples too, who no matter does what but they are unable to conceive.

Allah doesn’t have different rules for us neither he loves one more than the other. To him, we all are equal, it is just that he has different plans for each of us. If you are not able to have a baby, then there can be many reasons for it. May be your problem first need a medical assistance and before I go further, I will suggest every couple reading this should first go to the doctors and get the medical supervision.

We are living in a totally different time, where everything seems artificial and our lifestyles have affected all of us in a wrong way and who knows that a doctor may be helpful you better. As there is a famous saying with “dua you need dawa too” and Allah help only those who help themselves.

If you have already done all this and went to each and every doctor available and no treatment is able to help you then you should know that there is treatment of Allah available to you. He has all the solutions to your each and every problem.

Effective wazifa for aulad e narina

All you need to do is to have a little faith on him and on his ways. Later or soon, he does justice to all of us and none of our calls goes unanswered by him. Like always this time too he will take care of each and everything. I hope you regular with your namaz and is already asking for his help. He likes desperation and genuine attempt at dua.

He is the most kind and the merciful one and your pain is his pain. So, please don’t blame him for your situation as humans we all tend have such evil thoughts, but he is the only one to help. He can make the winds blow and make the mountains move and Inshallah will bestow upon you the happiness of a child.

As couples, ion these hard times you both should be standing with each other and should help the other to get through this difficulty. We live in a society, where half of the problems arises from the people around us.

These people can be your own family members or your relatives, who despite solving your problems or being an aid to you, furthers your issues and make the matters way to worse. There is no need to pay heed to them, they are doing what they are good at and you should do what is right.

Ubqari best wazifa for aulad

Allah is our all-time remedy and most of the solutions to our problems lies in his 99 names. We all are aware of them but we are just ignorant to realise there real value. Wadood is one such name of Allah which means the loving one.

nobody can love us more than him and we cannot weigh or amount the value and power of his love. He can surely not see any of us in pain and will not like any of us too suffer. So, here is the wazifa of “yawadood” which you can recite to get a child who is healthy and full of love.

Procedure of the Wazifa:

  • You should be regular with your namaz and after any namaz you can recite “yawadoodo” for 51000 times over 11 days and along with that you should recite this for 11000 times.
  • Who so over do this will be able to receive endless blessings from Allah and inshallah he will fulfil this dream of yours in no time and bring into your lives the much awaited happiness.

Surah muzammil ka wazifa for aulad

A child is indeed a blessing. It is a totally different experience and every parent feels lucky to raise a child. And, inshallah you will become a parent soon and will able to experience all that in no time. Please be a little patient here. May be you are late in this, but this happiness will surely come into your lives.

Allah will listen to you soon. As a couple, both husband and wife should recite this wazifa continuously till the time you people get the desired result. And the moment you receive the news that you are getting the child, stay very careful. All the husbands should take very good care of their wives and provide them better medical care. As from that moment on both the mother and child needs this special care.

Allah is the most merciful being. He has set everything for us before we were even born. So have faith on his plan. May you hear the good news soon. Ameen.

Ya Wadoodo For Anger

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