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Dua For Job Stability

Dua For Job Stability can be use for job security and for job promotion, you can use our dua to get job back if you have job problems.

Everybody wants to live a stable life, a life where there is not any problem with money — a living, which is full of opportunities and is financially stable. A stable financial life creates hope and happiness in a person. He builds a good reputation in his friends, society, and everything around him. If a man has a permanent job, he will be feeling relaxed and happy.

Dua For Job Stability

Dua For Job Stability

He will be the most likable person in all his society among his friends and relatives. Particularly after marriage, the permanent job increases the strength of married life. Your wife feels proud of you as well as your parents and relatives. If you have job stability, you will contact relaxed in all walks of life.

Strong Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Wazifa For Job

A person tries it hard to find a job in today’s world. As a result, he gets mentally disturbed, and every time he feels distracted from his regular working life. If a person had tried in different places to get a job and is not able to find his dream job, he gets annoyed and feels that his luck is not giving him much importance.

Luck also plays a vital role in gaining an appointment for a person. If luck is with a person, he will get a job at that point of time which he had not expected.

Despite the fact, luck plays an important role in job stability. But a person did not lose hope on Allah. Allah has chosen a better job for every person according to his/her ability and capability. Allah has the rizq of a person before he/she is born.

So it is not good to lose hope on Allah after you did not get any job. You have tried more and work hard to get positive results.  When a person gets a job he is in a state of happiness.

Everything gets stabilize for him/her. He becomes famous in his/her society. A person’s reputation and respect are also increased. But the question here arises for him/her how to stabilize this job.

Many people have a fear of losing this job due to one reason or another. So if you are in the same situation. Do not worry, have faith in Allah and recite this below dua;

Powerful Dua For Job Stability

“Allahumma Inni Awuuz bikka minnal boost wattabbwus.”

This is very power dua, and it will help you to maintain your job.

Dua For Job Security

Dua For Job Security, On many occasions people feel fear of applying for a different job that is announced in newspapers, radio, internet, etc. they are concerned about job security, particularly the parents of people.

They want to research more about the jobs that are notified regularly from different department of government. One job has more security that others depend upon many conditions.

Ya Latifu Ka Wazifa For Job

What is security for our children from this job? Many people, after they have done a lot of research about job security if they are fully satisfied with their conditions then apply for the job.

Dua For Job Security

If a person already has a job, he/she wants to secure his/her job. He/she did not want to lose that job because it is a position he has created for him after a lot of hard work.

So if a person feels that he has a fear of losing his job security and before applying for any job he wants to assure that this job is secure for him, for his family and his relatives. He must do this dua to secure his job more;

Procedure to follow : Dua For Job Security

  • First of all, sit in a place which is noise-free and calm.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha as thanks to Allah.
  • Now recite the following verse of The Quran 300 times;

“InnAllaha Howa Rrzaaq ziiquwati Mateen.”

  • Recite Surah Fatiha as Thanks to Allah once again.
  • Continue this amal for consecutive 11 days.

If you stick to this wazifa, your new job will be secured.

Dua For Job Promotion

Dua For Job Promotion, Every person wants to get to achieve success in his/her life. To reach great heights in life, one must be a hardworking person, but you should be aware not to make great height in illegal ways. Do not try to make great highest success and promotion using the wrong methods.

It is strongly prohibited in Islam. If you are working in a company or other public or private sector. You want to get promoted from your current position. Promotion not only increases your level or rank in the government or private job but also increase your reputation and hike in your salary.

Dua For Job Promotion

There can be many reasons for not getting promotes despite you are the hardworking person in your company or any other sector. Maybe your officer is not happy with you, and your colleagues are against your promotion. So, if you want to get promote soon do this wazifa, Allah will help you in your promotion. Here is wazifa for you;

Quranic Guide to Dua For Job Promotion

  • First of all, recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Now recite this dua for 70 times;

 “ Allahumma lateefu Biibadhii Yarzuku Main yashau Walahhu wasyun aleem.”

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • At last, recite “Ya Lateef” 111times.

You can perform this dua after any Farz nimaz. Make this wazifa regular. Allah will help you in achieving your success in every field.

Dua To Get Job Back

Dua To Get Job Back, Everybody wants to remain permanent in his/her job, which he has joined recently. A person who is in a decent position in any public or private sector did not want to leave his /her job. If a particular situation occurs in your life such as you have got a new offer which has more security, ranks and high pay this your current situation.

Dua To Get Job Back

Then it is okay to leave this job. But first of all, you have to check and research all about the new job or the company which is you offering any new employment. After proper research, you can join that company.

Because they are not aware of the outcome. So if you have lost a decent job or you have resigned from a good job and want that job back. Here is wazifa for you get your first job back;

Islamic Ways About Dua To Get Job Back

  • First of all, recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Read Surah Yousuf 13 times.
  • Now again Durood Salavat 11 times.
  • Regularly continue this amal.

Insha Allah, you will get your lost job back.

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