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Islamic Dua For Getting True Love

Islamic Dua For Getting True Love, Abu Dawood and Al Tirmith have narrated in the Hdeeth that a believer in Islam cannot enter Paradise or Jannat if he did not truly love others during his lifetime. Instead of limiting between and a woman, Islamic love is all-encompassing and sublime. When you love someone, the whole world moves around the one you love. But, beyond love, you fail to pay attention to the world of concepts, values, and habits. Romantic love is emotional and is strong but is short-lived.

Islamic Dua For Getting True Love

Islamic Dua For Getting True Love

On the other hand, true love is thorough and long-lasting. Two souls of two physical beings amalgamate and co-operate each other tor love for long-term continuation. Therefore, those with Islamic faith perform Islamic dua for getting true love.

Scientific Concept of Attachment

Just as the opposite poles of two magnets attract each other, love surpasses its boundary and creates attachment and attraction between two persons. If the attraction is between two persons of opposite sex, love takes the shape of romance, sex or marriage. You might have experienced that such love is nothing more than a temporary state of attraction and is subject of repulsion, sooner or later.

Islam disapproves such kind of love. It firmly believes supplication of the Allah Paak for getting a good result in your day to day life. For instance, recitation of “Awa-told-‘qurshi” removes dependability, keeps you in the safe custody of Allah Pak and 70,000 angels will help you. Similarly, Islamic dua for getting true love will bring peace, happiness, mutual faith and good understanding in your house.

Why Islamic Dua for Ture Love

Islamic dua is the best mean of getting true love to make your life full of peace and tranquility. Love is an emotional relationship between two persons.  When you love someone, you are prepared to sacrifice everything for her or him. But, true love is a step ahead of love. True love is a natural and gracious humanitarian act. Attachment is the most significant cause of all sufferings. You get disturbed if the person you are attached with does not love you.

When love is lost, you feel that you have lost everything. But, you have Islamic dua for getting true love that will bring back your lost love. Here is one in the Arabic “ Laqad- Jaakuum- Rasullam- Minanfusikum-Azeezunelaihe- Maanthum, Aleikum- Billmpominia- Rauffur-Raheem. Recite this dua 1000 times, blow on a sweet and make your lover eat. Inshaallah, true love will overflow between both of you

True Love, a Latent Human Strength

Love is not what you witness in movies or read in stories. It is artificial; Those are sanctifying or establishing true love in real life. Love blossoms in the young hearts of both sexes. Sometimes, materialism creeps into the sacredness of love and poisons it. Your love may be attracted to you in expectation of money or material.

She loves you till you favor with gifts or meet her other physical needs. After some time, she may get attracted someone else, urged upon by egocentricity and selfishness. The pop culture may pay its role. And you know well that Islam strongly condemns pop-culture. It has a better solution for you in the shape of Islamic dua for getting true love.

Sublimity and Humility of Islam

Islamic duas are extracted from the holy Quran and carry divine power. True love exists within remotest parts of a person, Coning out of this place true love for those who perform Islamic dua for getting true love. With real life, your love partner and life partner will share with your pain and pleasure; you can then experience a fuller life.

You never feel isolated and will get back your status in society. Islam has a strong foundation. Namaz ( time), Zakat (5% you’re earning for charity; Roza (one-month fasting) and Hajj (visit the holy shrine. Your life partner plays essential roles in performing these fundamental of Islam. You need to strengthen your moral stand by performing Islamic dua for getting tue love.

Arguments and Fights

You will tend to fight with the one whom like the most.; for instance your spouse. Never the less, it is only a temporary feature. You may consider it as sharpening o revitalizing your spousal love. It is here that true love comes into play. Self-Oriented love or material-specific love may tend to create a situation of a prolonged verbal or physical fight.

The ultimate solution may end with a divorce. But, if you perform Islamic dua for getting true love a sense of “forgive and forget” will prevail upon the hearts of both and you will enjoy a usual happy life. The best affected will be your children. With peace reigning in the house, they can study well and do better in their exams.

Three Things that are Not True Love

1: True Love is not effortless

The contradiction arises where closer interaction exists. When a disagreement occurs, in a situation of true love, things tend to calm down instead of aggravating. Several values like flexibility, adjustability, tolerance, forgiveness, humility, and simplicity nullify the controversies. But, both parties to the discord have to make efforts. In case you find yourself unable to make these efforts, Islamic dua for getting true love is the best option.

2: True Love is not Sex

Love is your emotional need, whereas sex is your physical needs. If you are trying to escape from loving just having sex, you have a wrong perception. It is only a temporary means of alleviating your pain that has arisen due to any marital discord. If it goes beyond control, perform Islamic dua for getting true love.

3: True-Love is Self-Sustainable

Just as you are to add water a plant for its sustenance and growth, we need to make true love as a continued feature in our life. Just as love is a sacrifice, the ultimate form of love reflects the sacrifice the Almighty, Merciful and Benevolent Allah Paak. If you perform Islamic dua for true love, your heart and soul will be filled with it, and others will also reciprocate in the same manner

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