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Dua For Protection From Calamities

Dua For Protection From Calamities provide you protection from accidental death and sudden death. You can use this dua for when calamity strike.

Calamities are many and varied. They come without notice and cause a great deal of personal distress, destruction, and damages. May issue occur on anybody at any time. They may affect you personally, the members of your families or your closest ones.

Dua For Protection From Calamities

Dua For Protection From Calamities

They may cause physical harms such as incurable diseases and even death. Calamities are limitless in their magnitude and manner such as misfortune, miseries, loss in business and many more. But, you can be safe from these unforeseen eventualities if you perform dua for protection from calamities.

Recite the following dua, thrice in the morning and thrice in the evening. The All Merciful Allah Paak will protect you from every kind of disaster. “Bismillaheel-lathee laa- yadhurru-maas-mihi-shayaoon-fil-ardhi-wolaa- fiisamaaey-wo-Huwawash-sameel-ul-Aleem.” By reciting this dua, you convey your supplication to Him.

Nothing happens without His will.  No strength or power other than Allah, the Exalted and the Mighty has control over all things. By seeking refuge in Him, you keep yourself well-protected from the evil of all creatures.

Calamities are all-powerful and all-destroying. But, they stand too tiny and trivial before the dua for protection from misfortunes. An extract of another dua is Allahumma-anta-rabbil-laa-ilahaa antaa lam-yasha-lam-yakun-wala-haula wala-quawataa illa-billa-hil-aliyul azeem inna- rabbi-alaa- siratum-mushtaqeem.

The dua is in Arabic script and needs to be recited correctly under the guidance of an experienced dua specialist. The dua is so powerful that even if all houses around yours are burnt, your home will stand as it was. The case of Abu Darda stands evidence to it in the holy Hadith.

Dua For Protection From Accidental Death

No one can avoid death. It is destined by the Almighty AllahPaak to happen for every living being.. But, unintentional death can surely be avoided by reciting Dua for protection from accidental death.  Accidents too come without giving prior notice. They are unforeseen and never-expected eventualities.

You know that journey is the main reason for accidental death. When you are traveling by bus, train, air, and car or even by two-wheeler, you are most vulnerable to an accident. But, you can protect yourself by reciting Dua for protection from accidental death. There are specific duas which you should religiously perform to keep yourself safe from accidental death.

Here is an extract of a dua to recite before you commence your journey. “ Allahu-Akbar-Allahu- Akbar-Allahu Akbar- Subhan-allaha-hee- Skkharana- haathaa Allahumma Antaa-Saahibu-fi-safari wo-ka’aabanl- mandhari-wosil- munqulabi-fil- maalwal’ahli. By reciting this dua, you supplicate Allah Paak to lighten your journey and make the distance easy and safe for you.

When you take refuge in Him, accidents will stay away from your trip. Another famous dua associated with dua for protection from accidental death is, the dua to reach home safely. An extract of the same goes like the following. “ Alwbham-a-wabbaa- llrbhanwa washr Allah washer maa fiyhaa.” For getting further details, you should consult an experienced Moulana, specializing in duas.

Other reasons for accidental deaths are drowning, burning, slipping and falling, poisoning, struck by lightning, suffocation, trampling, and collision. These are unnatural deaths and uncertain. Allah Paak has prescribed specific duas for protection against such eventualities.

Dua For Protection From Sudden Death

Death is inevitable, and all have to face it one day or other. But, there are instances when one dies suddenly without any prior symptom. Most common reasons are medico-related. They are acute myocardial infarction, fatal arrhythmias, acute aortic catastrophe, a massive stroke, and massive pulmonary embolism. There is no medical remedy for such causes.

But, the dua for protection from sudden death has supernatural power to save you from such catastrophic situations. Here is an extract from a very effective dua. “ Allahumma- inni- wa-udhu-bika- minnal-hadmi-wo a uddhu-bika-minnat-taradi wa- a’-uddhu- bika- an-amita- ladighan”. You can get further details and the process of performing the dua by consulting an experienced dua specialist. If you take refuge in the Almighty Allah Paaak, Satan too cannot harm you.

Rasulullah saiallhu alai wa sallam mentions in the holy Hadith that sudden death is the striking of a sword for the disbeliever. (Sunan Abi Dawud). It is a sign of Allah’s wrath because the person did not repent and prepare for the hereafter. As a resultant of sins, the person was not made sick to die.

The dua for protection from sudden death relieves the person from the crimes. He gets longevity and dies a natural death. However religious you might be, you cannot be free from committing sins. Therefore, consult a Dua specialist and perform the dua for protection from sudden death.

Dua For When Calamity Strike

A calamity is disastrous, unforeseen, unexpected and always undesirable. It may be some natural disasters such as earthquake, hurricanes, flood, cyclone or lightning. It may be the death of a dear one. Even a financial downturn or a cheating spouse is a calamity. But, it always brings severe affliction, tragedy or some terrible loss. In such eventualities, a person loses he compose because depression and grief overtake him.

But, as a strong believer in Islam, one should strive to seek help from the Almighty Allah Paak. The only medium to reach Him is the dua for when calamity strikes. Recite the following dua and leave the rest to Him. “Innah- Illahu- wo inna Illaye-hu- raajeoon. Allahumma- Innee- Fee- Museebateen-wokuullee- Kharyan- minas-Jaa-leemeen” You will find that things will change drastically.

As a strong believer, bring to your mind that Allah Paak has decreed and He does what He wills. You can appeal to Him through the dua for when calamity strikes. He is the most Merciful and Benevolent. Just recite a very short dua. “Quaddar-Allahu wo- Maa- Shaa a fa’al.” He will recompose you and replace the calamity with something better for you. But, it is always advisable that you consult a dua specialist and perform the right dua under his guidance.

Never despair or curse your faith. You are only a toy in His hand. He can make things to change when you honestly supplicate Him. Therefore, never lose your compose and have faith in Him when calamity strikes you.

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