Spell To Get Rid of My Daughter Boyfriend 5/5 (13)

Spell To Get Rid of My Daughter Boyfriend

Spell To Get Rid of My Daughter Boyfriend or to make someone move out can be use to get daughter away from a controlling boyfriend. You can use our break up spell to get daughter away from her boyfriend.

Kids nowadays are quick to get into and out of relationships. They don’t try to know a person fully before going out with them. They are so obsessed with that person that they become blind to their flaws and negative points.

Spell To Get Rid of My Daughter Boyfriend

Spell To Get Rid of My Daughter Boyfriend

Especially if you are a parent, it is worrying to see your daughter dating someone who is terrible influence. You try to reason with her and show her why she deserves better. However, she is so obsessed with him that she thinks of you as someone who doesn’t want her happiness.

You, as a parent, only want her well-being, and this upsets you. You realize a direct method will no longer work on her. So, naturally, you will start trying indirect techniques. You will be rude to the guy and leave no stone turned to show him your disapproval.

However, some boyfriends are leeches by nature and want to use your daughter for money or pleasure.Notwithstanding your behavior, he will not leave. Instead, he will sweet-talk your daughter more to entangle her and may even poison her ears against you.

The best way to prevent this is to try simple spells that will drive them apart, in secrecy. Some easy spells for this are as follows:

Spell To Make Boyfriend Move Out

Spell To Make Boyfriend Move Out, If your daughter’s boyfriend is a coaster who is looking to mooch off of her money, this spell is for you.

Many opportunistic men will have kids with women and use that as an excuse to live with them. They will not work themselves while your daughter while keeps slogging every day to support her child and boyfriend.

No matter how much you tell your daughter to make her partner go to work to support his family, neither she nor her boyfriend will take any heed of your words. So, to force the boyfriend out, either from your daughter’s house or yours, try this Hotfoot Hoodoo Candle Spell:

  • Ingredients – Hotfoot powder, Hotfoot oil, black figural candle in male shape, pins, crushed red chilies, plate, the personal effect of the boyfriend(like hair, photo or nail clipping)
  • Procedure –
  1. Firstly, etch the guy’s name on the back of the candle and “Go Away!” on its front.
  2. Then, wipe the Hotfoot oil on the candle from top to bottom in a hand motion moving away from you to symbolize him going away.
  3. Place the man’s concern under the plate and place the candle on the plate.
  4. Sprinkle Hotfoot powder generously on the candle and plate.
  5. Now sprinkle the chili powder in the shape of four paths at right angles to each other, emanating from the candle, as if it is at a crossroad.
  6. Stick the pin at the figure’s bottom.
  7. Light the candle. As it burns, yell the boy’s name at it and order him to move away from your house or town, else he will not be able to rest.

The boyfriend should break up and move out soon after this.

Spell To Get Daughter Away From Controlling Boyfriend

Spell To Get Daughter Away From Controlling Boyfriend, Often, your daughter will bring home a boyfriend who is obsessively controlling of her. He will track her every move, tell her how to live her life, and reprimand her if she disobeys.

Getting rid of such abusive, gas lighting men are difficult. Even if your daughter herself wants to break up, the man will blackmail and manipulate her into staying with him. In such circumstance, as a responsible parent, you can use this Poppet Spell :

  • Ingredients – poppet making material(cloth, straw, clay, wax, etc.), herbs and crystals of healing and banishing type, black figurative candle, red thread
  • Procedure –
  1. Firstly, create two poppets out of the material of your choice, making them as close to your daughter and her boyfriend in likeness as possible. Add eyes, hair, and mouth.
  2. Secondly, fill the poppet resembling your daughter with healing herbs and crystals and that of her boyfriend with banishing ones.
  3. The poppets should be created such that they are joined at the hands.
  4. Light the candle.
  5. Now sever the hands of the poppets and repair them in a manner that they can’t “hold” onto each other again, to symbolize the separation.
  6. Now, tie the eyes and hands of the “boyfriend” poppet and sew his mouth with the red thread. Keep its legs free so that he can walk away.
  7. Now bury the candle and poppet of the boyfriend somewhere far away from your home, where nobody can disturb them.

The guy should become meeker and leave your daughter in a few days.

Break Up Spell To Get Your Daughter Away From Her Boyfriend

Break Up Spell To Get Your Daughter Away From Her Boyfriend, This spell can effortlessly end the relationship between your daughter and her boyfriend, without any physical or emotional harm.

Maybe your daughter is with someone she is incompatible with or perhaps they have very different dreams and plans for the future. In such a situation, you would instead break them up now than cause them heartbreak later on in life.

For such cases, you can use a basic spell with common, symbolic elements to subtly change the energy between your daughter and her lover. As a result, they will break up by themselves because they realize their differences cannot be worked out. For that, use this Basic Bottle Break-up Spell :

  • Ingredients – bottle, chili powder, black pepper, dirt, Four Thieves vinegar(commemorated acetic acid)
  • Procedure –
  1. Firstly, Place small amounts of the chili powder and black pepper in the bottle, to symbolize the entry of heated arguments between your daughter and her boyfriend.
  2. Then, put some dirt into it, to symbolize the soiling of their romance.
  3. Now fill the bottle to the brim with Four Thieves vinegar in a bid to sour their relationship entirely.
  4. Now put the bottle under the doorstep of your daughter and her boyfriend’s home, or bury it in a path only they cross and frequently. The objective is to make them step over the bottle.

As soon as the bottle is broken, your daughter and her boyfriend will be contemplating a break-up before the turn of the fortnight.

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