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Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection or to protect baby from evil eye can be use to protect family from evil eye. We also provide you dua to stay safe from evil eye for maximum result.

Undoubtedly, the evil eye is particular as most human beings do not share the joy with the success of others. A person adulating you may have an evil eye.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

But, the evil eye also happens because of jealousy and envy. But, the person you adulate can stab you in the back. People often are unaware of the fact that a friend is nothing but a known enemy.

There are many cases where it happens. The victim can be you or any of your family members. These evil eyes do not even leave the babies. Suppose, if you have got a beautiful and adorable baby, there are chances of the attack of an evil eye.

In spite of conveying their regards, they want bad things to happen to you. Their defeat is caused because of your success. And to rise from the loss, people often have an evil eye. An evil eye can destroy the happy life of a married couple.

It has the capability of harming you in a terrible way possible. Your life can turn into an inferno by these affecting evil eyes. Hence, you must look for the protection from such an evil eye. We have the solution for that. Our dua for evil protection can keep evil away from you.

Dua To Protect Baby From The Evil Eye

Dua To Protect Baby From The Evil Eye, Seeking protection of the mighty Allah is not only beneficial but also necessary for us. Even, our beloved prophet and the messenger of the almighty Allah took protection from the holy merciful creator.

Evils are always trying their best to harm our faith and lead us to the path of wrongdoing. There is some important surah from the holy Quran that helped our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to seek protection from the evil. Surah al Falaq and Surah al Naas have the power to suppress the evil and help to let ourselves live above them.

After our prophet, we human beings are adopting the same powerful formula to get rid of the evil eye. There are a lot of people with an evil eye that can harm your baby. You must need to seek the same for your protection for your baby. The best protection that your baby must be given is the protection of the almighty Allah.

We have found the most effective dua to protect baby from the evil eye. Indeed, your baby needs the best, and we make sure to provide the best. Our experts have collected and tried many to find the most powerful one. We have enlisted the name of the dua to protect baby from evil eye below:

  1. Surah al Falaq.
  2. Also, Surah al Naas
  3. Last but not least, Surah al Ikhlaas.

Our prophet taught us to recite the surah mentioned above. They have the potential to make the evil and jinn kneel in front of you. Therefore, we suggest you must perform the dua to protect baby from evil.

Dua To Protect The Family From The Evil Eye

Dua To Protect The Family From The Evil Eye, Nobody is alone if he/ she have got his/ her family. Those persons are lucky to have a family as no one is blessed with a loving and caring family.

As you know how important your family is to you, you must keep them protected from the evil eye. Many people appear kind and honest but have jealousy and curse inside them. They do not want anyone to be happy. Indeed, they have evil thought for every one person who is happy.

But, Islam has the solution for every single problem you can imagine. And we have successfully collected the cure for your every question. We solve issues by following the teachings and sayings from our beloved prophet (peace be upon him).

Here is the following dua to protect the family from the evil eye.


Audhu bi kalimatil-lahil- tammati, min

kulli shaitanin wa hammah,

wa min kulli ‘aynin lammah


I look for refuge from the holy and mighty Allah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and every evil eye. We have extracted the dua from one of the most popular hadiths Sunan ibn e Majah.

This was the same dua that our prophet Ibrahim performed on his son prophet Ismail for the protection from the evil eye. Also, our prophet used it to seek protection for his family members and grandchildren.

Hence, we want you never to forget to use this as a shield so that it can protect your family from the evil eye. Perform the dua to protect the family from the evil eye for unbelievable results.

Dua To Stay Safe From The Evil Eye

“Bis’milla’hiarqika, min’ku’l’ li shay’in yu’dhi’ka, mi’n shar’ri kul’li’naf’sin’a’w ‘ay’nina’wha’s’id’in.’ Allah’u yash’fi’ka, bis’milla’hi Arq ika

(In the Name of Allah I at this moment perform the Ruqyah for the sake of protection, from those things that are harmful, from the evil of every soul or envious eye, May Allah heals you. for protection from Allah, I perform Ruqiya.

Dua To Stay Safe From The Evil Eye, We have collected the dua mentioned above from the hadith. This dua comes from the Sunan ibn e Majah. Sunan ibn e Majah is one of the most trusted and significant hadiths. Here, you can find the teachings of our prophet for a successful life.

The dua mentioned above first came into action when our prophet was sick. At that time, it was no one but the angel Jibril that performed dua for the betterment. This dua has the power to the affected one and protect the evil eye. In this way, you can find this dua to stay safe from the evil eye.

One of the beneficial things about this dua is its handiness. You can perform it anywhere. Whether you feel anxious or just getting negative vibes, you may perform the dua to seek protection.

Therefore, you must perform the dua to mentioned above stay safe from the evil eye. If you are facing any problem while performing this duato stay safe from the evil eye.

You must consult us. Our team of Islamic astrologers and scholars are always there to listen to your problem. You will be getting a response very quickly and can find the solution helpful.

Dua For Protection From Shaitan

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