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Istikhara For Someone You Love

Istikhara For Someone You Love is a most strong method to perform istikhara for love back, it also work for one sided love. If you are in trouble due to lost love then also try it and get lost love back again.

Love is the happiest thing in this world. If you love someone, you feel so glad. You feel peace, prosperity, and calmness in your life. Love is sweet when lovers kiss each other from the core of their heart. They feel the joy and the stability in their life also.

When a person first falls in love he/she cannot see the other things, a world of new life is waiting for them. If you love another person, you make every possible way to meet him/her. Lovers are combined if they have a pure heart, trust, and faithfulness towards each other.

Istikhara For Someone You Love

Istikhara For Someone You Love

Love makes everything possible. You will feel and think about your lover if you are love to another person. You will also be away from the tensions of the world.

Islam permits love .if and only if you love for the sake of Allah. If you like another person only for the love of Allah, then Islam permits this love. Islam restricts a person who loves want to love to develop harm or illicit relationship.

This is not possible as harm relationship based on love is strictly prohibited in Islam.  As pure love will lead to happy Married life, but if you develop an illicit relationship based on love, then it will be illegal in Islam and will lead to weak marriage.

If you love someone with a pure heart then definitely the love will be completed.  If you want to know or desire that the person whom you love should also love you, then you do Istikhara for love. This is the best wazifia to move forward in your love.

How To Perform Istikhara For Love Back

if you have query about How To Perform Istikhara For Love Back then i am telling you here. It makes passion durable. We will tell you how you can do this wazifa. Istikhara is useful for every situation in every place and in starting every decision you should do istikhara before the start. This wazifa is given below;

  • First of all, perform two nafl rakat nimaz.
  • Recite Surah Kafiroon chapter 109 and also Surah Al-ikhlas- section 112.
  • Read this Dua;

“Innaka Allahummaa Aqdeer wata taqdeero wala alamoo wata lamoo wala waa antaa lam ghyuoob fain raa faa fallan ra aetta anna natin”

  • You have to include the name of the person whom you love in place of fallan with the name of his/her mother’s name.
  • Now You have to do this wazifa for consecutive seven days or the time till your wish is fulfilled.
  • Then You have performed istikhara with a pure heart.
  • And You should make in mind that this Istkhara will guide you on the right path. The right way will be best for you and your future.
  • The signs which you get from Istikhara is not only possible through dreams; you can get them at any time. You have to make yourself ready for the symptoms to read at any time.

 Istikhara For One Sided Love

The problem with today’s love is that often the love is one-sided. Either a girl loves a boy or boy loves a girl, but the reverse is not possible. Because they both the love of a girl and boy is one-sided. If you love someone honestly and sincerely, he/she is not aware of what — your passion and genuine for himself or herself.

You will also be worried that after this one-sided love the person whom you love will marry will love you or not.  But do not worry we have a solution for this problem also. This wazifa will make your love two-sided. The person whom you will love you forever. This is the most powerful and most potent Istikhara For One Sided Love into two-sided. This wazifa has a lot of energy which makes it happen to grab the attention of your special one.

Below is the wazifa for once sided love

  • First of all, you have to wake up early in the morning take a shower with fresh water. Offer five times nimaz daily.
  • You can perform this wazifa anywhere any time and at anyplace but the best time for this Ishtakara of two rakat nafal nimaz is do at The time of Tahajid.
  • After you have completed two nafal rakats now recite Durood Shareef for nine times.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha 51 times continuously.
  • After Surah Fatiha now recite this dua “Inna Allah Yusmiuu Manyashaauu” continuously for 41 times.

You have remembered your lover during this whole wazifa. Insa Allah, your lover, will turn towards you soon and accept your love.

 Istikhara For Lost Love

Love is a sweet thing, and if you are in love, you will have such a feeling. You love a person to with intense passion. Unfortunately, the person whom you love has left you. He/she left you for another person. you will feel so much sad that even your heart will give you a sign to commit suicide. The person love for you was only artificial. She/he loves you solely for your wealth health, not for your heart. She/he has not felt the love you have for him/her in your heart.

That is the most tragedy for you. A person whose lover leaves him/her gets broken down into pieces. His/her love was based on lust and nothing else. So if you are in the same situation. Your lover has left you for the sake of wealth or other person don’t worry.

We have a solution for this problem. We have the best wazifa that will not only brought your lover back but will fill his/her heart with the love which you got from the start of respect for him/her. Please do this Istikhara For Lost Love;

  • Take back pepper seed and recite proper Surah on it and when this word “ Inni shaani-aka” comes to take the name of that person son or daughter of so and so may turn towards you.
  • Put your exhaling breath on the black pepper seed and put your actual image of your lover who left you.
  • Recite Surahs which you like 41 times and keep blowing exhaling breath on the black pepper seed.
  • You have to keep this seed in a proper safe place and should do it consecutively for 41 days.
  • At last burry theses seeds inside the earth or put them in well.

Insha Allah, your lover, will get back to you soon.

Islamic Dua For Getting True Love

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